Unplanned readmissions and reoperations

Why we measure it - To ensure that we are providing the best and safest care, we track the number of unplanned readmissions or reoperations so we can identify potential areas of improvement.


What this means - National norms do not exist for these data. The low percent of complications show the high quality of care being delivered. A significant number of these cases are performed on highly complex patients with multiple medical issues.

About the data - This graph shows the volume of unplanned re-admissions and re-operations in 2012 for patients that had urological surgery as well as associated complications verified by a departmental review.

Related dimensions of care:

imgSafe imgEffective

How we provide the best care

  • Our pediatric urological surgeons care for each patient through the entire surgical process. They prepare and check the patient before surgery, perform the procedure and provide follow-up care after the operation.
  • Prenatal counseling for congenital anomalies of the urinary tract is offered in a multidisciplinary setting in a combined evaluation with perinatologists and neonatologists through the Fetal Concerns Center of Wisconsin.
  • Clinical guidelines are constantly being developed to eliminate complications and hospital readmissions after complex procedures. These guidelines become standardized across the urology program and used for best practices.