Physical therapy and occupational therapy volumes

Why we measure it - Many of our patients need physical and/or occupational therapy after sustaining a sports-related injury. Our physical and occupational therapists work closely with our pediatric sports medicine specialists to help young athletes return to their sport safely and quickly.


What this means - The Sports Medicine Program at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee continues to grow in 2012 as indicated by the increase of patients seen at our New Berlin Clinic. More patients and families are choosing our care each year.

About the data - This graph shows the number visits for physical and occupational therapy from 2008-2011. Our physical and occupational therapists see patients for sports-related rehabilitation services at our Greenfield clinic. Torticollis patients are seen at our New Berlin Clinic and patients with other rehabilitation needs are seen at our main campus Milwaukee Clinic.

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How we provide the best care

  • Our physical and occupational therapists are licensed health care professionals with advanced training in fitness and conditioning. They have the expertise to work with kids and teens to learn what is causing pain or limiting their performance.
  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin specialty clinic in Greenfield, Wis. includes a state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym. This clinic is conveniently located and offers patients and families easier parking options and reduces the number of trips to our hospital location. Our Greenfield clinic offers a variety of high-tech equipment options to help meet each athlete's unique need. In May 2012, we added the high-tech Huber Motion Lab to help patients with back and spine conditions.
  • A common strength among all of our dedicated physical and occupational therapists is their natural ability to relate to children. They develop a relationship based on trust with each patient and are able to fully understand the child's needs or concerns. They can then share the child's questions, concerns or fears with the physicians and their parents.
  • Many of our physical and occupational therapists subspecialize in a variety of treatment areas. Some of these areas include back pain, scoliosis and concussion rehabilitation.
  • We use advanced imaging technology to diagnose problems. This includes MRI and computed tomography scans. Pediatric musculoskeletal radiologists, doctors trained to read X-rays, work closely with our sports medicine specialists and read all of the images taken.