Sports medicine patient and family experience

Why we measure it - Our priority at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is to provide an enjoyable and comfortable care experience. At the end of each appointment, we ask patients and their families to fill out a short survey to give us their feedback. We know that patients and families who leave our clinic satisfied will most likely recommend our care to others.


What this means - These data show the percentage of patients and families who rated their experience "excellent" or "very good" with our Sports Medicine Program.

About the data - Our sports medicine specialists created their own survey for patients and families to get feedback about their overall experience. Children's Hospital uses this feedback to create change and improve processes.

Patient and Family Experience is a new measure that the Sports Medicine Clinic is tracking. The baseline tracks the"excellent" and "very good" responses chosen on the survey. These baseline results will be compared with new survey results in the future.

Related dimensions of care:

imgEffective imgPatientcentered imgTimely

How we provide the best care

We want to make sure our patients are seen at their scheduled appointment time. We used patient feedback and Lean principles, techniques used to improve process flow, to design our clinic, decrease wait times and run our clinics more efficiently.