Overall clinic volume

Why we measure it - Kids of all ages can get hurt playing sports. We know it's important to diagnose and treat these injuries correctly the first time. This will reduce the risk of re-injury in the future.


What this means - The graph above shows the number of patients seen in our clinics increased in 2011.

About the data - Research shows that doctors and hospitals that treat a large number of patients tend to provide better care and have better outcomes for treatments and procedures. The graph shows the number of visits each year to our clinics from 2008-2011.

Related dimensions of care:

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How we provide the best care

  • At Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, we provide the only full-service pediatric sports medicine program in the state.
    Our doctors provide child-centered care to youth, adolescent and teen athletes and also treat kids with non-sports related orthopedic conditions.
  • We added sports medicine specialist Shayne Fehr, MD to our team in 2011. Dr. Fehr brings new knowledge and experience to our program and specializes in treating children and teens with traumatic and overuse injuries, musculoskeletal pain and concussions.
  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin specialty clinic in Greenfield, Wis. includes a state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym. We offer a variety of high-tech equipment options to help meet each athlete's unique need. This clinic is conveniently located and offers patients and families easier parking options and reduces the number of trips to our hospital location.
  • We use advanced imaging technology to diagnose problems. This includes MRI and computed tomography scans. Pediatric musculoskeletal radiologists, doctors trained to read X-rays, work closely with our sports medicine specialists and read all of the images taken.

Team approach

  • Our coordinated care and unique team approach is the driving force that gives our program national recognition as a leader in pediatric sports medicine. Our doctors lead a multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists, and other pediatric specialists to provide the best care for each child.
  • We work closely with parents, coaches and primary care physicians to provide a continuous care plan for each child on and off the field.
  • Our athletic trainers bring their experience from the playing field into our clinic to get kids back on the right track to recovery. They work in clinic alongside our doctors to educate and advise patients on many treatments and services ranging from injury prevention, equipment usage, exercises and therapy programs.
  • Our physical and occupational therapists are licensed health care professionals with advanced training in fitness and conditioning. They have the expertise to work with kids and teens to help them recover from injuries and improve their overall functioning.