Cystic fibrosis: Guidelines for care

Why we measure it - The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has gathered experts in clinical care who have reviewed the medical literature and research to create clinical practice guidelines for all individuals with cystic fibrosis. Research demonstrates that consistent monitoring of health will indicate when subtle changes occur and additional intervention is required.

What this means - The Cystic fibrosis program at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is an accredited care center by the CF Foundation. Accreditation requires that our CF clinicians provide care based on the following guidelines: a recommendation for a minimum of four visits to a certified CF center annually, two pulmonary function tests each year, sputum cultures frequency and laboratory testing.

About the data - In 2005 our CF program was invited to participate in the CF Foundation Quality Improvement Initiative. Since the beginning of our participation in this initiative, our CF center standardized our CF treatment protocols which ensured consistency in the ordering and scheduling processes for appointments and testing. This is reflected in our ability to maintain a higher percentage than the national average and to consistently meet the guidelines for care compared with the top 10 CF care centers.

Related dimensions of care:

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How we provide the best care

  • The Cystic fibrosis program at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin was one of the 2010 recipients of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Quality Care Award: Recognizing Outstanding Quality Improvement Processes and Accomplishments.
  • Annual laboratory testing is performed as part of the CF clinic visit. This includes the four-hour glucose tolerance test for individuals older than 10 years of age.
  • Arrangements are easily made for annual laboratory testing to be performed locally for families who are required to do so by their insurance providers.
  • Quarterly family education programs are offered at the Children's Hospital in Milwaukee or at the adult center at Froedtert Hospital. Topics for these programs are selected by a collaborative team of families and CF staff members. The events are open to the public.