Evaluation program

If you suspect your child may be struggling with any of these common mental health conditions, you may want to consider the evaluation program. Our staff will work in partnership with you and your child’s primary care doctor to thoroughly evaluate your child.

Our services

The evaluation program offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive evaluation (including structured clinical interviews and review of behavior rating scale data) with a member of the evaluation program team
  • Timely written and verbal feedback for families and referring physicians
  • Medication management guidelines, including medication options, dosing and side effect information
  • Local options for outpatient or inpatient psychotherapy services

What to expect

A typical referral involves two visits within a two-week period. At the last visit, you and your child will receive information about any identified diagnoses and recommended treatment. If a medication recommendation is made, evaluation program staff will provide recommendations to your child’s doctor about medication options.

Families who use our services typically do not return to the psychiatry and behavioral medicine program for follow-up care. However, our staff is available for additional consultations as needed.