Tests and treatments

At Children’s Hospital, we’re dedicated to offering the best, most up-to-date, safest tests and treatments to every child and teen we see.

Diagnostic tests

Some of the orthopedic tests and equipment we use include:

Advanced diagnostic imaging (radiology) services

Children are more sensitive to X-rays, so finding the radiation level that allows us to make an accurate diagnosis and keep them safe can be tricky. Children's Hospital uses high quality and safe, low-dose radiation in pediatric imaging, and we have one of the nation's leading radiology programs for children, which includes on-site access to CT, MRI, interventional radiology and other advanced imaging services.


Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is one of two pediatric hospitals in the nation with an EOS low-dose radiation scanner. Providers mainly use the scanner to help diagnose and treat children with scoliosis (a curved spine). Learn more about the benefits of our EOS scanner, and watch a parent’s testimonial video.

Quantec 3-D spinal measurement system

Children's Hospital is one of the only centers in the country to use the Quantec 3-D spinal measurement system, a system that does not use radiation. This system allows us to measure at least 12 different points along the entire length of a child's spine. Quantec creates a surface map of the spine so we can measure the change in a child's spinal curve and properly treat his or her scoliosis. It is most commonly used for patients with smaller curves.

Center for Motion Analysis

We have one of the few pediatric electromagnetic gait labs in the region. In the gait lab, we do motion tests by placing sensors on a child's body and asking him or her to walk normally across a special platform with magnetic sensors. During this computerized test, we collect data about the alignment of a child's pelvis, hips, knees and ankles. Gait lab tests help us decide if surgery is needed and also help measure improvements after surgery.

Baseline concussion testing

Based on American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for sports-related concussions, we suggest a baseline concussion test for all young athletes, especially those involved in contact sports. Children's uses ImPACT™ and Axon Sports computerized evaluation tests, which are commonly used in organized high school sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the National Football League.

Orthopedic treatments

Your child’s treatment plan will depend on many factors, including the condition or injury your child has, their age and the severity of the problem.

  • Age
  • Type of condition
  • Severity of the condition

We value patient and family input, and we will involve you in treatment planning whenever possible.

Our treatment options may include: