Tests and treatments

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, our pediatric orthopedic team specializes in diagnosing and treating pediatric orthopedic problems, including:

Advanced tests and equipment

At Children’s, we’re dedicated to offering the best, most up-to-date tests and treatments to every child we see.

Some of the test and equipment we use include:

Advanced diagnostic imaging (radiology) services

Children are more sensitive to X-rays, so finding the radiation level that allows us to make an accurate diagnosis and keep them safe can be tricky. Children's Hospital uses high quality and safe, low-dose radiation in pediatric imaging, and we have one of the nation's leading radiology programs for children.


Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is one of two pediatric hospitals in the nation with an EOS low-dose radiation scanner. Doctors mainly use the scanner to help diagnose and treat children with scoliosis (a curved spine). Learn more about the benefits of our EOS scanner, and watch a parent’s testimonial video.

Quantec 3-D spinal measurement system

Children's Hospital is one of the only centers in the country to use the Quantec 3-D spinal measurement system, a system that does not use radiation. This system allows us to measure at least 12 different points along the entire length of a child's spine. Quantec creates a surface map of the spine so we can measure the change in a child's spinal curve and properly treat his or her scoliosis.

Electromagnetic pediatric gait lab

We have one of the few pediatric electromagnetic gait labs in the region. In the gait lab, we do motion tests by placing sensors on a child's body and asking him or her to walk normally across a special platform with magnetic sensors. During this computerized test, we collect data about the alignment of a child's pelvis, hips, knees and ankles. Gait lab tests help us decide if surgery is needed and also help measure improvements after surgery.

Baseline concussion test

Based on American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for sports-related concussions, we suggest a baseline concussion test for all young athletes, especially those involved in contact sports. Children's uses ImPACTTM and Axon Sports computerized evaluation tests, which are commonly used in organized high school sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the National Football League.

Special programs

Sports medicine and rehabilitation services

Orthopedic specialists partner with our physical medicine and rehabilitation, and physical and occupational therapy teams to provide care for patients who may need rehabilitation services.

We also have a state-of-the-art physical therapy gym where pediatric physical therapists and licensed athletic trainers partner with sports medicine specialists and orthopedic surgeons to provide comprehensive preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative care to kids of all ages following a sports injury. Our goal is to make sure your kids are healthy and can get back to the activities they enjoy as soon as possible.

Sports concussion program

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin offers the state’s only concussion program for young athletes. The team includes sports medicine specialists, neuropsychologists and licensed athletic trainers.

Our specialists use Axon Sports and ImPACT™ computerized tests to help diagnose and treat concussions. We also offer baseline concussion tests before an injury happens. Children as young as age 10 can be tested.

Each patient has an individual treatment plan and receives help to manage symptoms and function at school, as well as guidance for returning to activities or long-term rehabilitation needs.

Spasticity program

Children with spasticity and other movement disorders have complex needs. Specialists from Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation work with families to develop the best treatment for each patient.

A full range of medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatments, including Botox®, phenol injections, the intrathecal baclofen pump, orthopedic braces or surgery, and selective dorsal rhizotomy, are available to help children.

Bone Tumor Program

Our musculoskeletal oncology program brings together a team of specialists to offer the latest approaches in limb-sparing and reconstructive surgeries.

Our team develops an individual treatment plan for each patient that outlines specific goals of care for tumor treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation. Our cancer specialists and orthopedic surgeons are highly experienced in bone and soft tissue care. Limb salvage reconstructions are performed whenever possible.

Comprehensive spine program

From scoliosis to complex spine reconstruction, our spine program brings together a team of imaging (radiology), physical therapy, surgical and medical experts who focus on the highest level of spine care. With a focus on exceptional outcomes and quality of life for patients, our programs treat more than 4,000 spine patients annually.


At Children’s, we always strive to provide the best, safest and most effective treatment for every patient.

Treatments for pediatric orthopedic conditions vary greatly from child to child and from condition to condition. Your child’s treatment plan will depend on many factors, including your child’s:

  • Age
  • Type of condition
  • Severity of the condition

We value patient and family input, and we will involve you in treatment planning whenever possible.

Our treatment options may include: