Repeat rate

Why we measure it - The pediatric radiologists at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin are experts in choosing the best type of imaging test needed to diagnose medical problems. They understand children's bodies which helps them decide the exact area on the body that needs to be imaged. Our team of experts take a high-quality picture the first time around. This helps us to reduce the number of times we have to repeat the same type of test.


What this means - Our repeat rates have been less than 5 percent over the last four years. Fewer scans mean less radiation exposure for your child and less trips to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin clinic locations.

About the data - These data show how much lower our numbers are for repeating tests compared to the national average. The national average repeat rate is 9 percent for adult facilities. Pediatric national average repeat rate data are currently not available for us to use for comparison purposes.

Related dimensions of care:

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How we provide the best care

  • Image GentlyOur pediatric radiologists and technologists meet regularly to review patient cases and discuss new ways to improve our care.  
  • We are part of the Image Gently campaign, an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The campaign goal is to increase awareness of the opportunities to lower radiation dose when imaging children.

Team approach

  • Our experienced technologists are comfortable working with children. They will educate you and your child about what to expect during an imaging procedure. They use special techniques to help position your child to get the best image. Lead shielding is used, when needed, to protect the child's body as much as possible from radiation.
  • Our Child Life specialists help calm and relax your child before, during and after a scan. They provide many distraction and relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, music, movies, and video games, to help your child cope during a test.


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