Our specialists

Our caregiver team offers best-practice care that only a major center like ours can provide. Herma Heart Center doctors are consistently ranked among The Best Doctors in America and offer some of the best outcomes in the nation. What’s more, we’re the only pediatric heart care program in Wisconsin where all caregivers are full-time fetal, neonatal and pediatric experts.

Cardiothoracic surgeons


Cardiac intensive care

Cardiac anesthesiologists


  • Matthew W. Buelow MD
  • Christen Chamberland MD
  • Daniel A. Cox DO
  • Sara Creighton, MD
  • Mamata Eagam DO
  • Pip M. Hidestrand MD
  • Roni Jacobsen MD
  • Rohit S. Loomba MD
  • Chad A. Mackman MD
  • Rodrigo Rios MD
  • Shagun Sachdeva MBBS
  • Jon Willes MD

Advanced practice nurses

Physician assistants

Cardiology nurse clinicians

  • Stacy Fischer (Supervisor)
  • Stacy Avrit
  • Carol Carson
  • Dawn Dziubek
  • Maura Flynn-Galganski
  • Katie Kogutkiewicz
  • Terri Konkel
  • Denise Kowalski
  • Lisa Neidhold
  • Lauren Raczaka
  • Liz Reid
  • Emily Reinhardt
  • Diane Smith
  • Jane Sowinski
  • Katie Vogt
  • Deb Walbergh
  • Paula Welch

Surgery nurse clinicians

  • Yvonne Renick RN (Lead)
  • Laura Haas RN
  • Karla Zilinski RN

Fetal heart program coordinator

  • Maura Flynn Galganski, RN

Cardiac social workers

  • Jennifer Garcia
  • Pat Stoll


Herma Heart Center psychologist

Cardiac dietician

  • Julie Slicker
  • Melissa White


  • Kristine Chase
  • Kevin Daley
  • Caleb Varner