Surgical survival by procedure

Why we measure it - Our cardiothoracic surgeons at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee are internationally known for their innovative surgical techniques. These techniques combined with our exceptional patient care standards have a direct impact on our survival rates for the Fontan and Arterial Switch heart procedures compared with all of the open heart surgeries we perform.


What this means - Our survival rate for the Arterial Switch procedure is 100 percent. Our survival rates for all open heart surgeries and Fontan procedures are higher than our peers within the Pediatric Hospital Information System (PHIS).

About the data - This data reflects survival rates for patients undergoing congenital heart surgery for these select procedures compared to our PHIS peers. PHIS hospitals represent other leading free-standing pediatric hospitals.

Related dimensions of care:

imgEffective imgSafe

How we provide the best care

  • Our pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons are all certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery in Congenital Heart Surgery. No other surgeons in the state have achieved this distinction. These surgeons are also consistently listed among the Best Doctors in America.
  • Our patient-centered care focuses on our patients' overall experience before, during and after surgery. Our extensive clinical experience, strict care standards and quality improvement initiatives ensure that we provide the best care throughout each patient's entire stay with us.
  • We continue to improve heart/lung bypass techniques in the operating room.
  • Our Child Life Specialists help to calm and relax your child before and after a heart procedure. They provide entertainment options such as music, movies, games and toys and suggest distraction and relaxation techniques that help patients, their siblings and parents reduce their anxiety levels.