Diagnosing and evaluating heart disease in children

When heart disease is a possibility for your child, getting an accurate diagnosis is a critical first step toward getting the best available treatment. Evaluating and diagnosing pediatric heart disease can be complex, so it requires an experienced specialist to order the right tests and interpret them correctly.

Herma Heart Center staff have access to the full range of diagnostic tests your child may need, even before birth, to definitively assess his or her heart condition. Each year our highly trained technologists, pediatric cardiologists, and exercise physiologists perform nearly 15,000 diagnostic procedures.

Diagnostic tests for pediatric heart disease

Diagnosing and evaluating pediatric heart disease can be complex and requires clinical care by a physician or other healthcare professionals. Listed in the below are some means by which pediatric heart disease in children is evaluated and diagnosed:

Partnering with families for exceptional results

Through our determination, research, and expertise, we offer children like yours some of the best results worldwide for treating even the most complex heart problems. Part of that success comes from working with parents as full partners in caring for their children. We involve parents in decisions about diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care. We keep you thoroughly informed and connected with our specialists to answer questions and provide support.

Experience leads to better outcomes

Research shows that better patient care and better outcomes are possible at hospitals that treat a large number of patients. Herma Heart Center specialists at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee are leaders in treating the most common to the most complex heart conditions.

  • We perform nearly 15,000 diagnostic heart tests each year.
  • We are among the highest volume pediatric heart transplant programs in the country and the only one in Wisconsin.
  • We consistently rank among the busiest pediatric heart surgery centers in the country.
  • Our survival rates for pediatric heart surgery some of the best in the country. Among our peers, we’re a highly-ranked leader when comparing outcomes with nationally recognized benchmarking databases including the Pediatric Health Information System and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.
  • We’re the most experienced and comprehensive program in Wisconsin, caring for significantly more children with heart disease than any other hospital in Wisconsin.