Patient left without treatment

Quality and Outcomes Reports - Emergency Medicine

Why we measure it - The rate of patients who visit emergency departments but leave before being evaluated and treated is an important indicator of Emergency Department performance. We use this measure to define improvements in Emergency Department operations and reductions in Emergency Department crowding.

Patient left without treatment

What this means - The percent of patients that leave before being seen in the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Emergency Department is low.

About the data - The graph shows the percent of time a child leaves the Emergency Department before being treated.

Related dimensions of care:

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How we provide the best care

  • At times, parents feel their child has improved before they are called into a treatment room and leave the hospital before the child is seen by a physician. When this happens, we call the parents to check on the child's health.
  • Nurses check patients frequently while they are in the Emergency Department and let doctors know of any changes that are needed to provide comfort and timely care to our patients and families.