Comfort measures

Quality and Outcomes Reports - Emergency Medicine

Why we measure it - It is important to us that each patient is made as comfortable as possible. We ask our clinic and hospital patients and families to tell us about their experiences. We have many ways to reduce pain and anxiety, including a process that starts with frequent assessments and includes patient-specific interventions to reduce pain and anxiety. It is important to us to understand how we are doing. We get feedback from patients and parents through a survey and use it to help find better ways to control pain and anxiety.

Comfort measures

What this means - Our team of caregivers have access to pain specialists at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to help manage pain and anxiety. Focusing on patient comfort while treating a variety of conditions is what families find we do well.

About the data - This graph shows the percentage of patients and families who responded "Always" to the survey question, "Do you think the emergency room staff did everything they could to help control your child's pain?" The response options for this question are: always, usually, sometimes and never.

Related dimensions of care:

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How we provide the best care

  • If a procedure is needed to help your child, our pediatric experts use the latest equipment and your child's health and safety is our number one concern.
  • We know children are scared when they come to the emergency department. Our staff focuses right away on a child's comfort, mentally and physically. We measure pain scores on all of our patients, including infants, throughout the visit. We use child-centered comfort measures and/or medicines to help our patients be more comfortable during their time in the hospital.
  • Our Child Life specialists make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible during their visit.
  • We have a full range of care and medicine options to help your child cope during their emergency room visit.

Family accommodations

Families traveling from long distances are encouraged to use our Family Accommodations Program to make travel arrangements and coordinate appointments. Children's Hospital has partnered with non-profit organizations like Ronald McDonald House to offer comfortable, "home away from home" accommodations. Local hotel chains on our referral list also offer discounts for patient families.