US referrals

Why we measure it - Research shows that physicians and hospitals that treat a large number of patients tend to provide better care and have improved outcomes for treatments and procedures.


What this means - Many patients and families from outside Wisconsin are choosing our care. This shows families from outside our region are seeking our expertise, as the reputation of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has grown nationally.

About the data - The map shows the states our patients came from in 2012.

Related dimensions of care:

imgPatientcentered imgEquitable

How we provide the best care

  • For children with complex needs, we provide a nurse coordinator who helps schedule appointments with multiple physicians, coordinates surgeries and arranges family accommodations.
  • We work with Pediatric Gastroenterology and Speech Pathology to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of children with complex swallowing disorders in the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Airway and Digestive Center. This includes fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing and sensory testing.
  • We helped develop one of the nation's first clinics specifically designed to diagnose and treat voice disorders in pediatric patients. This clinic provides comprehensive evaluation including videostroboscopy, specialized speech therapy interventions and a multimodality therapy for the treatment of children with a variety of voice disorders.
  • David Friedland, MD, leads the Cochlear Implantation Program at Children's Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin, which has developed national prominence and is one of the largest in the Midwest.
  • We work with Plastic Surgery and Dermatology to care for complex pediatric vascular malformations, making the clinic at Children's Hospital the only such clinic in Wisconsin.
  • We established an access and feedback work team to make sure patients and referring physicians always have easy access to our facilities and specialists. Our goal is to communicate with and transfer care back to the patient's community physician for seamless follow-up and long-term care.

Nurse line

We provide a nurse call line so parents can reach a nurse or doctor quickly with any questions or concerns. Parents can call (414) 266-7514 during clinic hours (9 am - 5 pm weekdays) and a nurse will call back within two hours. After hours or on weekends and holidays, parents can call (414) 805-3666 and ask for the ENT doctor on call. 


Family accommodations

Families traveling from long distances are encouraged to use our Family Accommodations Program to make travel arrangements and schedule appointments. Children's Hospital has partnered with non-profit organizations like Ronald McDonald House to offer comfortable, "home away from home" accommodations. Local hotel chains on our referral list also offer discounts for families.