Overall clinic volume

Why we measure it - Research shows that physicians and hospitals that treat a large number of patients tend to provide better care and have improved outcomes for treatments and procedures.


What this means - Overall more patients and families are choosing our care. Our outreach clinics (Greenway Clinic and New Berlin Clinic) reduce the number of trips many families need to make to our hospital location. The New Berlin Clinic opened in 2009.

About the data - This graph reflects the number of visits captured in our registration system in years 2007-2010.

Related dimensions of care:

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How we provide the best care

  • Our ENT team consists of fellowship-trained pediatric ENT surgeons, general ENT doctors, a fellowship-trained voice specialist, facial plastic surgeon and neurologists. The team also includes nurse practitioners, and a group of highly trained audiologists, speech pathologists and nurses. All of our ENT specialists are board certified in Otolaryngology.
  • Our specialists see patients at two other locations in Milwaukee (Greenway Clinic and New Berlin Clinic) to reduce the number of trips many families need to make to our hospital location.
  • We perform many outpatient procedures at our Surgicenter location near the Milwaukee hospital, approximately 10 minutes from Children's Hospital. Here, patients may be scheduled sooner and enjoy the convenience of a smaller facility, while being cared for by the same pediatric ENT surgeons and pediatric anesthesiologists they would see at the hospital.
  • We redesigned our ENT waiting room and teaching room to improve clinic flow. We are working on reducing patient wait times to improve our overall patient satisfaction scores.
  • We work with the following specialty clinics:  Aerodigestive, Audiology, Audiology Processing Disorders, Cochlear Implant, Cleft Lip and Palate, Saliva Control, Speech, Tracheostomy/Ventilator, Vascular Malformations, Fiberoptic Evaluation of Swallow and Sensory Testing, and Voice.
  • We work closely with our Pain Management team to reduce the pain that often comes with surgery. We also work with parents to make sure they give their child the full dosage of pain medication prescribed after surgery to keep their child as comfortable as possible.

Nurse line

We provide a nurse call line so parents can reach a nurse or doctor quickly with any questions or concerns. Parents can call (414) 266-7514 during clinic hours (9 am - 5 pm weekdays) and a nurse will call back within two hours. After hours or on weekends and holidays, parents can call (414) 805-3666 and ask for the ENT doctor on call.