ENT Charges by diagnosis

Why we measure it - It is important to us and our patients and families that we provide the best care possible at a competitive price.


What this means - We are able to provide the highest quality of care as demonstrated by our high survival rates while keeping our costs lower compared to other children's hospitals.

About the data - This graph shows the average adjusted charge per visit for selected procedures at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin compared to our Pediatric Hospital Information System (PHIS) peers. PHIS hospitals represent other leading free-standing pediatric hospitals.

Related dimensions of care:

imgEfficient imgEquitable

How we provide the best care

  • We perform many outpatient procedures at our Surgicenter location near the Milwaukee hospital, approximately 10 minutes from Children's Hospital. Here, patients may be scheduled sooner and enjoy the convenience of a smaller facility, while being cared for by the same pediatric ear, nose and throat surgeons and pediatric anesthesiologists they would see at the hospital.
  • We provide medically necessary health care to patients in our service area without regard for their ability to pay.
  • If patients are unable to pay their portion of the bill, our financial counselors can help with a payment plan, or see if they are eligible for charity care or a self-pay discount.