If your child requires anesthesia for surgery or other procedures, insist upon one specially trained to care for children.

Children have different health care needs than adults. To ensure your child’s safety, it’s important his or her anesthesiologist has experience sedating children. Sedatives are powerful medicines, and having a specialized, trained anesthesiologist at the bedside makes it safer for your child.

Our pediatric anesthesiologists will sedate up to 1,400 children a year. To maintain performance at the highest level, it's important for a pediatric anesthesiologist to have experience in a setting like Children's that provides state-of-the-art care to a range of pediatric patients.

Children's Hospital has 35 board-certified, fellowship-trained, pediatric anesthesiologists dedicated to providing the highest level of anesthesiology services to infants and children of all ages. We are committed to advancing anesthesiology care through education, research and volunteerism, and have achieved regional, national and international recognition for excellence.

Pediatric anesthesiology services

Our pediatric anesthesiology patient care services touch more than 25,000 patients a year, providing:

  • Anesthesia care during surgery (25,000 anesthesia cases)
  • Management of acute postoperative and medical pain (2,500 patient-days of inpatient pain team consultation or treatment)
  • Evaluation and teaching prior to surgery (inpatient and outpatient service available)
  • Comprehensive pain evaluation and treatment services (3,000 Pain Center visits, including integrative psychosocial service, biofeedback and acupuncture)
  • Critical intensive care services (2,000 patient-days of ICU service)

Pediatric anesthesiologists

Our pediatric anesthesiologists have developed leading practices in all sub-subspecialty areas of pediatric anesthesiology, including pediatric cardiovascular, neonatal, neurosurgical, orthopedic, aerodigestive, trauma, critical care, and complex pain management services, in addition to providing outpatient services.

Volunteerism and community care

Pediatric anesthesiology care is provided as needed to patients at Children's Hospital locations regardless of ability to pay. Our pediatric anesthesiologists participate in humanitarian activities across the world, including South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Mideast.