Recent gifts

Many individuals choose to support Children's by thoughtfully making a memorial or tribute gift. They support our mission while simultaneously honoring a momentous occasion in a special way.

To learn more about our Tribute Gift Program, contact Tanya Bissen, Annual Gifts Manager at (414) 266-6197. You may also easily make a donation online.

Thank you to the following donors for making tribute gifts between October 1 - December 31, 2013.

Fourth quarter tribute gifts

Gifts in memory of...

Pete Abraham
Mr. Joseph M. Francois and Mrs. Penny S. Beverung Francois

Judith Adams
Mr. Donald Adams

A child who wasn't born
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dunham

Jakob Aldrich
Ms. Margaret Underhill

Alex Amundson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Larsen

Joan Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Terkel

Anthony '"Tony" Andrade
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

Rollie Axt
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Czajka

Paul Bakula
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ward

Jayden Banda Goodman
Ms. Veronica Arias
Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Jared A. Burrill
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Freiburger
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Anatoliy Rempel
Mr. and Mrs. Art Rozema
Ms. Kaylin M. Utecht
Mr. Michael Yelin

Marian M. Barlow
Annis/Barlow Family

Kara Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gardner

Gary Barth
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Baker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Donn Britten
Mr. John W. Cox, Jr.
Ms. Deborah L. Crenshaw
Ms. Barbara Jensen
Ms. Heidi Kappa
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Kent
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Meier
Mr. Michael Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sollman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Twist

RJ Basten
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Knudtson

Chadwick John Baumann
Ms. Marcella R. Baumann

Kent A. Baumann
Ms. Marcella R. Baumann

Kent & Amber Baumgartner
Mr. Steven R. Baumgartner
Mr. and Mrs. Gerado L. Tamez

Benjamin Belter - Our Son
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Belter

Annie Berka
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Bugnacki

Maggie Bersch
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Bersch, Sr.
The Honorable and Mrs. John A. Fiorenza
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Tesovnik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vadnais

Eugene Birschbach
Mrs. Merry Damrow
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Schneider

Andrew David Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Bishop

William H. Blaesing
20 Year Club City of Racine
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Curl
Ms. Marjorie F. Healy
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lindsay
Dr. Steven J. Merkow and Dr. Ann Bartos Merkow
Murray Investments LLC
Ms. Lori A. Turek

Timothy Boon
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

Joey Briela Lou Bowling
Ms. Geraldine Bartel
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Campbell
Ms. Wendy Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Draeger
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gartzke
Ms. Nicole M. Gartzke
Ms. Marion Grebenow
Ms. Christine Hassett
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Hesse
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jaeger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Lasch
Ms. Linda Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Traub
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua E. Wegner
Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Zastrow

Evelyn Brejcha
Mr. and Mrs. John Barry

Tom Brennand
Mrs. Ellen J. Bestor

Our beloved grandson Brady Bruggeman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Sorkin

Daniel Bruski
Mrs. LeRoy Fenzl

Kaylen Burke
Mr. Patrick J. Danen

Alexis Marie Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Randall O. Haapakoski

E.G. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pieroni

Kevin Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

Angie Conroy 
Ms. Donna Simonsen

Alice Cramer
Ms. Wendy Born
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Conners
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Feller
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Gerrits
Ms. Kathleen M. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Karden H. Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Kiser
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nickel
Ms. Mary K. Peters
Ms. Peggy Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Schoenhaar
Ms. Patty Servais
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Staffeldt
Ms. Gail M. Stedman
Mr. Ray Uhlrich
Ms. Marie Weisensel

David Joseph Crawford
Mr. Albert C. Lewis

Rosemary "Rosie" Crivello
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Alton W. Adams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Blomquist
Mr. Michael J. Bruch
Ms. Annette M. Cosentino
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Crivello
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giaimo
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hersh
Ms. Maryann C. Huth
V. J. Huth
Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. Keuler
Ms. Andrea R. Kusch
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Marshall
Ms. Diane A. Metzner
Ms. Phyllis Myerson
North Kiwanis
Ms. Jean A. Novy
Ms. Amy O'Connor
Ms. Mildred E. Palmisano
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Pollock
Ms. Patricia A. Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smilanich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spera
Ms. Bonnie L. Steindorf
Ms. Nancy Vanselow
Ms. Mary F. Witt
Mrs. Linda M. Wochos
Mr. Clarence Wudi

Nicholas Czarnecki
Ms. Madalyn A. Swanda

Bryce R. Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. John Gatto

Cindy A. Dempsey
Liberty Mutual "Give with Liberty"

Lori Derenne
Mr. and Mrs. Peder Lauscher

Pam Dillon's Granddaughter
Ms. Elisabeth K. Eaton

Lee Dobberstein
Mrs. Ellen J. Bestor

Meghan Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

Elizabeth Elser Doolittle
Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trust

Patrick Doyle
Mrs. Kerry L. Doyle

Roger Drape
Captain and Mrs. Albert D. Nelson

David J. Eckmann
Mr. Bert Restyanszki and Mrs. Nancy Pech Restyanszki


Michael Ederer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Ederer

Dorothy Ellertsen
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Klepel

Henry A. "Hank" Elsesser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Abendroth
Ms. Erin Brandt and Mr. Roger B. Strode
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Buening
Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Cavaluzzi
Dr. and Mrs. R. Clarke Danforth
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Dommisse
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Dommisse
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ellwein
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fiorita
Ms. Lois J. Gettelman
The Hetty Green Investment Club
Mr. and Mrs. William John
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Lorenz
Ms. Joan Lorenz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Murphy
Ms. Karen A. Ollinger
Ms. Barbara A. Pelton
Mr. and Mrs. Holger Petersen
Dr. and Mrs. James Rater
Ms. Helen M. Sheen
Mr. and Mrs. Carl K. Trimble
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Vaitl
Mr. Ray West
Ms. Eileen Wingenter
Ms. Mary J. Wirth

Lisa Evans
Mr. Fred W. Storm

Andrea Feather
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Feather

Ariel Ferstl
Ms. Karen Ferstl

Terri Ann Fester
Mr. Sean McCormick

Emery Fields
Ms. Tylor Merck

Jacob Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Fischer

Genevieve Fisher
Mrs. Ellen J. Bestor

Gordon J. Fisher
Mrs. Ellen J. Bestor

Janice Florence
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Albers
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Bellak
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bronk
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Culbertson
Robert W. Florence
Mr. Ron Florence
Mrs. Susan D. Florence
Mr. Dan Janssen
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott May
Ms. Marilyn McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. John Moker
Mrs. Linda Monahan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Nickels
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. O'Connell, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pipkorn
Robertson's Cottages
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sautebin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Seidl
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Kregg Shilbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Suchy
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wery
Mr. and Mrs. Rock Wery
Mr. Pete Wickman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Yantes
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Zehren

McKenna Frenkel
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Ogilvie

Robert H. Friebert
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Margolis

Mitchell Fromstein
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Margolis

LeRoy Fuerst
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Bersch, Sr.

Matthew Alexander Gauthier
Mr. Michael N. Buresh

Justin Gendlin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

Butch Gentine
Mr. Graham Dyble

Chloe Anne Gessner
Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Gessner

Bette Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Sommerhauser

Michael Givens
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

Ethel Gluth
Ms. Beverly Flanigan

Nicholas Greener
Mr. Daniel P. Kovarsky

Lilly Belle Grundle
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Grundle III

Tyler Gustavson
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gustavson

Mary Jo Haase
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Wavra

Annie Hardy
Mr. Leonard P. Eager, Jr.

Rebekah Harman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Fiebelkorn

Patrick Forest Harrington
Reverend and Mrs. James L. Harrington

Ilse (Oma) Harteau
Ms. Pam Girtz

Harold "Harry" Hartshorne, Jr.
Ms. Betty M. Hartnett
Ms. Barbara Timmel

Catherine Haskin
Mr. Lawrence J. Haskin

Mick Hawley
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gresham

Melissa L. Heeg
Mr. Lawrence J. De Groot

Dan Henning
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

Leigh Gabrielle Herma
Ms. Virginia A. Ruehl

Leigh Herma, Her Birthday In Heaven
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Langro

Edward M. Hipke
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Bersch, Sr.

"Mom" Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Johnson II

John W. Hoppe
Ms. Joyce M. Hoppe

Kathy Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Larsen

Joyce Jaeger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Larsen

Joshua Jankowski
Ms. Elizabeth A. Spangler

Helmut "Harry" Janowitsch
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Yunke

Carol Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Bersch, Sr.

Connie Jaremao
Dr. and Mrs. H. Franklin Grunske

Doretta Johnson
Ms. Delores Behnke

Wayne A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Stewart

Kathryn A. Joys
Ms. Joan R. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bartz
Mrs. Mary M. Brennan
Ms. Meghan M. Callaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Coffel
Ms. Nola J. Contrucci
Mr. David J. Fee and Ms. Jane E. Schmitz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Frensz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Glynn
Ms. Joann Holtz
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Holtz
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hoppe
Mr. Clyde W. Jelinek
Mr. and Mrs. L T. Johnson
Ms. Ann C. Joys
Ms. Mary Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kohler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krosnosky
Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Laplante
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Lied
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Locksmith
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Mielenz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Raasch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Retzer
Ms. Doris E. Schiffleger
Mrs. William C. Siefert
William M. and Kathryn G. Siegel 
William M. and Sherrie L. Siegel 
Ms. Eleanor M. Strehlow
University Dining Employees
Ms. Jean E. Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Wright

Tanner Juenger
Midland Health Testing Services, Inc.

Al Kaderabek 
Bellin Health
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Birkholz
Mrs. Roger Hallberg
Mrs. Al Kaderabek
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. McCulley
Mrs. Dennise Ross
Mr. John Schnell
Ms. Dorothy Ulness
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Wakeman

Kristine Kaminski
Ms. Anna DiMotto

Valerie Kelley
Dr. Steven G. Ross

Loretta Keup
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Walczak

Ruknuddin Khaja
Ms. Jacqueline E. Novotny
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Reed

Derek Douglas Kienast
Fox Valley Motorcycle Show

La Vonne King
Mrs. LeRoy Fenzl

Bill Kirchen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nicolazzi

Marlene Kitchen
AGIS Insurance Center, Inc.

Michelle Marie Kitscha
Ms. Joy L. Hertlein

Eowyn "Winnie" Mai Klettke
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Klettke
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Sloane

Nick Koerner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Koerner

Edith Kohler
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Margolis

Carson Michael Koski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Frank

Oscar H. Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Lindstrand

Pamela Krahn
Ms. Becky Heimerl

Alexander T. Kroll
Ms. Elaine Cary

Mary Krueger
Mr. John J. Harms

Kristine Kyle
Ms. Laurie A. Sexton

Brooke Lallier
Mr. John Broderick

Julie Lathrop
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lathrop

Ted Laufer
Mr. Jason Lasky

Jori Lauren Leflore
Ms. Jasmine M. Johnson

Adam Lemel
Ms. Patricia Clanton

Ross Leodner
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Margolis

Kenneth T. Leque
Dr. and Mrs. H. Franklin Grunske

Richard M. Liethen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Jensen

Vernon Linchesky
Mr. and Mrs. James Ungrodt

Harriet G. Literski
Ms. Marilyn J. Callan-Grau

Janyla Alexis Little
Greenfield Middle School Teachers

Mark R. Loritz
Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Eric J. Lough
Mr. and Mrs. Wade T. Neuharth

Reiner Luken
Ms. Kathleen Wollin

Suzanne Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin K. Davis, Sr.

Marion Macejkovic
Mr. Matt Francel
Mr. and Mrs. Dann J. Haendel
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Macejkovic
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Piel
Ms. Mary Winze

Janet "Birdie" Magister
Dr. Erik Alexander
Mr. Ned Atwell
Mr. Bruce R. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DiStasio
Ms. Catherine F. Engious
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Frary
Ms. Kris R. Gottinger
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hrica
Mr. John Kassie
Mr. Tom Kassie
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laskowski
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Malko
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Moris
Ms. Gloria J. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. John Morrison
Ms. Kathie Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Rodenkirk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Scott
Mr. Peter Shield
Ms. Jane Z. Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tomich

Kaitlin Mahr
Dr. Todd Mahr

Christie Maller
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Maller

Evan Margosian
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gabrielian

Alexis Rose Mathison-Szozda
Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift

Edward J. Mazner, Husband
Ms. Violet M. Mazner

Sue E. Mazur
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hartsman

John McGinnis
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Altstadt

Dylan McGraw
Ms. Susan E. Josephson

George Meiners
Mr. and Mrs. George LeVasser

Joseph Mettner
Mr. Richard G. Chandler

Ms. Jenny Mulholland

Benjamin Cody Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Miller

Logan Robert Moranski
Mr. Brian Schieble

Anna Marie Morbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Panasuk

Joseph Morgese
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Rohloff

Ryan Mullarney
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Goree

Edwin Narr
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Narr

Roland Narr
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Narr

Linda North
Mr. Clarence A. Gildemeister

Ian Novak
Mr. Werner Zahn and Mrs. Nancy Rich

Tessa Nowakowski
Ms. Cristina E. Haley
Liberty Mutual "Give with Liberty"
Ms. Linda B. Wilde

Margaret O'Brien
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Gutzeit

Shirley O'Donnell
Mr. Robert L. O'Donnell

Clancy Pagenkopf
Mrs. LeRoy Fenzl

Catherine A. "Kay" Pawlicki
Mr. Jeffrey J. Blatz
Mr. James E. Kroll
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kroll
Mr. and Mrs. N. Wambach

Riven Peters

Patricia R. Petroff
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Wavra

Christopher Piechowski
Ms. Anna Kettlewell

Geraldine Piekarski
Mrs. Kathleen Miller Seitz

Gary Ploeckelmann
Ms. Therese A. Briska
Mr. and Mrs. Lenard G. Dopke
Ms. Mary T. Holleback
Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Knuth
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Kolbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Johan P. le Grange
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Schweiger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Seidemann
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Verburgt

Yaeko "Pat" Popp
Ms. Laura Haase

Elizabeth "Betty" Porter
Dr. Ellis D. and Dr. Jane A. Avner
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brown, Jr.
Colleagues at MCW Community Based Medical Education
Mr. L. Dyson Dryden IV
Rosanna V. Fiallo-Scharer
Mr. Odile M. Fleissner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Franz
Mr. and Mrs. H. Thorne Gould
Mr. Jay H. Janssen
Ms. Lynn K. Kurt
Ms. Joan I. Ludwig
Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Luikart
Felesia Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Mathy
Colleen McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. Netschke
Mr. John R. Redding
Ms. Kathleen B. Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Sessa
Ms. Virginia A. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. George Stumpp, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Werbach
Donna Whitson-Jones

Barb Propp
Mrs. LeRoy Fenzl

Doris Pruitt
Mr. and Mrs. Marv Lois
Ms. Barbara Moss
Mr. David Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Reidenbach

Jerry Psenko
Ms. Deanna M. Plewik

Betty E. Quadracci
Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated
Mrs. Carl L. Bennett
Mr. Breen H. Blaine
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Bolens
Ms. Sheryl Bolt
The Bon-Ton Stores Foundation
Mrs. Suzy Brennan
Mr. Gary W. Brusseau
Ms. Elaine Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Buth
Ms. Cathy S. Callender
Mr. Gary A. Cartwright
Mr. Michael Clofine
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Cohen
Conde Nast and Parade
Ms. Linda K. Cruckson
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Dickman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Ehrsam
Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Faust
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Forge
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fredman
Mr. Randall W. Freeman
Mr. Christopher G. Goller
Mr. and Mrs. WC Gramley Goode
Gordon Flesch Company, Inc.
Goss Internatinal
Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Hammes
Hartland Inn
Herrschners, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hoelkinger
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Jaeger
KBA North America Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Kerschner
Mr. and Mrs. Ely A. Leichtling
Mr. John S. Lill
Ms. Margaret S. Maas
Mr. Peter L. Mahler
Mr. and Mrs. James Maki
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Marriott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marshall
Marymount School of New York
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Matyas
Mrs. Carol Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Meier
Mr. David G. Meissner
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mellowes
Dr. Steven J. Merkow and Dr. Ann Bartos Merkow
Ms. Irene Ochoa
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Orr
Mrs. Norman Paulsen, Jr.
PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Polacheck
Post-Polio Resource Group of Southeastern WI
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Pulte
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin S. Purtell
Dr. John R. Raymond, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine E. Rieke
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rivers
Mr. David Saylor
Ms. Megan Schall
Mr. Michael A. Schelble
Ms. Lucille Seeto
Commissioner and Mrs. Allan H. Selig
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Sommerhauser
Spic And Span Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Scott P. Stanek
Ms. Debra Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Stratman
Mr. Todd Sturza
U.S. Bank
Ms. Patricia Van Alyea
Ms. B. A. Vande Creek-Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Warras
Wenner Media LLC.
Mr. and Mrs. James Wigdale
Mr. Mark Wilmot
Mrs. Catherine Windrum
WRH Marketing Americas, Inc.
Yard Racing

James Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Andruszkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Badding
Mrs. Carol M. Beveridge
Mr. Donald J. Bowen
Ms. Susan I. Bradtke
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Brandstaetter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chartrand
Mr. Wayne N. Christensen and Ms. Jane A. Quinn
Ms. Mary Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Difuccia
Mr. Denis Donohoe
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ford
Ms. Jacqueline Gerek
Mr. and Mrs. Joel F. Goyette
Ms. Callyson Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Haig
Mr. Christopher J. Haug
Mr. Thomas Hawley
Ms. Suzanne M. Henningsen
Miss Alyssa Hermes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Kebbekus
Ms. Sue A. Kreiter
Ms. Lanadee J. Lampman
Ms. Irene Marciniak
Ms. Maureen A. Martin
Ms. Terri Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McAleese
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McInnis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Meloy
Ms. Elaine M. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Millmann
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Peak
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pfeilsticker
Ms. Sally A. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Ptaszek
Ms. Shirley C. Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Reis
Rince na Chroi Irish Dancers
Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Risser
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Schmeling
Mr. and Mrs. Stepehn J. Schwegel
Social Workers at Hennepin County Medical Center
Mr. Anthony M. Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Weinberg

Jim and Nathan Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Brian DiFuccia

JamieLynn Rabideaux
Ms. Gloria J. Rabideaux

Brian Ramel
Mr. Thomas F. Wall, Jr.

Talina Rapozo
Mr. Stephen P. Rapozo

Thomas Matthew Rector
Ms. Sally J. Finnigan

Jackson Gary Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bissen
Mr. and Mrs. Randy D. Burge
Ms. Janie Conley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Creed
Mr. Michael Czarny and Ms. Kiara Caldwell 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Darnell
Ms. Sarah Dorn
Mr. Thomas J. Ender
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Gaertner
Great Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning
Ms. Jena Heinz
Infinity Custom Home, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Iollar
Ms. Elizabeth J. Kinkella
Klink's Karpet, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kozinski
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Kurschner
Mr. and Mrs. David Mikulak
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Morgan II
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Neville
Ms. Margaret P. Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Resch
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schlosser
Ms. Kristine Schutte
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Thorsen
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Troutman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Valente
Waterstone Mortgage Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wiesneski
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Zeringue
Ms. Julie A. Zielinski
Mr. Kevin M. Zwieg

Ryan Refinski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMenimen
Ms. Meghan M. Refinski

Tabitha Reichwald
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Seymour

Patricia Reinartz
Mr. Lyle E. Albrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Albrecht
Ms. Darcia D. Behrens
Mr. and Mrs. William Bokern
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Chmiel
Mrs. Colleen M. Clancy
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert H. Dettmann
Ms. Christine M. Ertl
Mr. Daniel F. Ertl
Ms. Therese Flannerpropp
Mrs. Marlene Frey
Mr. and Mrs. John Gehred
Mr. and Mrs. Jim George
Ms. Mary A. Hamill
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Jezo
Ms. Mary Beth Jezo-Sywulka
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Marciniak
Mr. Doug Miller
Mr. Michael Nixdorf
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Oneil
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis A. Paulsen
Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Group
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Renaud
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph P. Rosenberger
Mr. and Mrs. John Sealey
Mr. and Mrs. James St. Peter
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Wegner
Ms. Carol M. Wehrley
Mr. Michel Yen

Kevin Reindl
Mrs. Kathryn M. Lorrigan

James A. Remmel
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Remmel

Lincoln Ray Remmel
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Remmel

Kyle Rhode
Mr. and Mrs. Erick Rhode

Kathryn Ribich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ribich

Sylvia Rich
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Exarhos
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gimenez
Mr. and Mrs. John Gurholt
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Kleman
Ms. Elizabeth Kokke
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Leider
Ms. Mary Lou Opgenorth
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Rich
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schini
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Schumann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tighe
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wenszell
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Whalley

Edna Richter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hammann

Ronald Ridosko
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Beck
Ms. Audrey Bradach
Mr. and Mrs. James Bradach
Ms. Paulette Curro
Ms. Ruth Disterhaft
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gapinski
Ms. Lilli Gust
Mr. and Mrs. James Lubek
Shradha Oza
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Prochazka
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Prochazka
Ms. Audrey Puhl
Eric Retzlaff
Mrs. Krimhilda Ridosko
Ms. Danielle Shepstone
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sobczak
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Wiebusch

Robbie Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Karolewicz

Jeremy Rosen
Ms. Barbara C. Beres

Willard Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Klepel

Sarah Rose Ruplinger
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ruplinger

Patty Sacho
Mrs. Ellen J. Bestor

Mary Sachs
Mr. Richard A. Sachs

Nickey Sanning
Mrs. LeRoy Fenzl

Todd Schalow
Mr. Gerald E. Schalow

Betty J. Schilberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Truppe

Donald and Shirley Schlichting
Ms. Pamela Miller

Lucina Schmidt
Mr. Richard Hartzheim

Henry Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Morgan

Craig Robert Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Gentine II
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Johnson

Mary Schoefield, Mom & Grandma
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Johnson II

Helen Setzer
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Albrecht

Patricia Skarda
Mr. Louis S. Skarda

Lucas Zachary Slavens
Ms. Barbara J. Korbelik
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Slavens

Julianne M. Slowey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Leuzinger

James Smith III
Mr. Rick Sandri

Michael Snyder
Ms. Anne Dangers

Superman Sam Sommer
Ms. Erica Wolf

Emma Rose Spillman
Telecommunications Risk Management

Michael Spolum
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Karls

Carl Staby
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Raisleger

Bryan Stack
Mr. and Mrs. Kim R. Stack

Adele Stefani
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Kispert

Megan Steinbrenner
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Steinbrenner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. White

Anthony "Tony" Sterr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Held

Thomas Sturino, Sr.
Mrs. June Sturino

Harland Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Sutton, Sr.

Tellie Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Stein

Alice Terrill
Mr. Thomas Anderson and Mrs. Roxanne Knoelke-Anderson

Madeline R. Thorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Burnside

Rose Torgerson
Ms. Kathleen M. Seitz

BJ Townsend
Mr. Mark Townsend

Sullivan Ustruck
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moe

Zachary Jacob Van Wyk
Ms. Donna E. Mulder

Nicole Christine Veenhuis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bergman

Maxim Vetter
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ellis
Mr. Jeremy L. Marzuola
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Raiche
Mr. Trevor Vanourkerk

Jasumati N. Vithalani
Ms. Katherine Durben
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gromowski
Dr. Daniel Huber
Dr. Subbanna P. Jayaprakash and Dr. Poornima Jayaprakash
Ms. Shantha Jhansale
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lawton
Mr. Suhas H. Pahadis and Ms. Meetha M. Medhora
Mr. Darshan Pandya and Dr. Chandra Shivpuri
Ms. Sangeeta Rajput
Ms. Marie Schick
Mr. and Mrs. Girish Shah
Ms. Naren Simhan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweet
Mr. and Mrs. Rupa Udani
Ms. Kalpa Vithalani
Ms. Narayan Yoganandan

Brendan Timothy Waack
Ms. Carrie A. Schweigl

Wayne Walters
Mr. Michael A. Walters

Brendan Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Alcorn
Ms. Ellen M. Garrett

Jeremiah Weingrod
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Wolters

John Weishan
Ms. Christine P. Holmes

Howard W. Weiss
Mr. Kenneth N. Adamany

Cassidy Tiana Weyek
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Weyek

Annette Wickman
Dr. and Mrs. H. Franklin Grunske

Amelia Adelaide Wilk
Ms. Angela Bink
Mr. Keegan Denton
Ms. Melinda Dwinell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Muldoon
Ms. Phyllis Summerfelt

Lyle Williams
Mrs. Ellen J. Bestor

Dave Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Narr

Maxwell Wipfli
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Kris

Virginia Wolf
Mr. Donald G. Wolf

Larry Zarletti
Ms. Katharine A. Azzolina
Landmark Title Corp.

Sandra Zetley
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Margolis

Kathaleen Zimmerman
Mrs. Ellen J. Bestor

Kaitlyn Zolper
Mr. Michael J. Zolper

Gifts in honor of...

12 grandchildren
Ms. Ramona R. Schwan

A & E Incorporated

Kelly M. Abrams
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd M. Weir

Ace Manufacturing Industries

Allison & Emma - Healthy identical twins
Mr. and Mrs. Gerritt van de Weterin

Avadh B. Agarwal
Children's Hospital of WI Medical Staff

Rona Alexander for Happy Hanukkah!
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Honisch

All sick kids in Wisconsin
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel W. Provost

Reegan Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Krapfl

Alta Resources

American Metal Technologies

Carrie Anderson and Jennie Babisch
Reit Management & Research LLC

Larry Anderson
Ms. Michele Mazurek


Fred and Kay Austermann
Ms. Rebecca A. Jorgensen

Jessica Austreng
Mr. Paul Sukowaty

Chad & Kelly Ayers
Gene Matel

Baldwin Supply Company

Sonya Baman for Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Sarang Baman

Dee Bartelme
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bezier

J. Scott Barton
Ms. Jessica Barton

Bradley Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Wayde G. Beck

Ellen Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Wayde G. Beck

Douglass and Sarah Belt
Douglass Belt

Keith & Jean Belter for 40th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Belter
Ms. Ruth E. Hanson

Dr. Stuart Berger 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Duckler

Lola Bernicky
Mr. John P. Bernicky

Maggie Bersch
Mr. & Mrs. Albert S.C. Chun
Ms. Rebecca Monville

Bessemer Plywood Corporation

Bethany Lutheran College, Inc.

Lauren Bettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Bettinger

Lily Bevers
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hahn

Megan Bidwell
Sagacious Consultants

Kortnea Biersack for Achieving Your Dream of Becoming an RN
Ms. Elizabeth Sikorski

Jay Blankenship for Congrats on new job
Mrs. Jennifer Degenhardt

Barbara Blumenfield for Happy Holidays
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kaczmarek

Erin Borchardt
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacobi

Austin & Caden Borys born at Children’s 1-2-2012
Mr. Dennis R. Day and Mrs. Renee A. Raddatz-Day

Rhianon Bott
Ms. Amber J. Bott

Gabriel Boylen for Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Mehringer

Rylee Braden
Fox Valley Motorcycle Show

Lia Brakel
Mr. Charles Dobyns

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

Fonde Bridges
Mr. Robert Burkham

Briohn Building Corporation

Brooks Tractor, Inc.

Abigail Burnett
Ms. Ann Marie Schultz

Caitlyn Bussie
Ms. Sharon Bussie

Nora Grace Butte for Christmas
Ms. Sheila F. Viel

Danielle Marie Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kreul

Capitol Stampings Corp.

Capps, Inc. /RSIEH, LLC

Central Specialties, Inc.

Alli Charbonneau
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Luehmann

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

City of Hartford

City of La Crosse

Clark County

Deb and Rick Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Forer

Ray & Maggie Coenen for Merry Christmas
Mr. Ryan Scofield

Jack and Bo Coleman
Ms. Elizabeth K. Peterson

Finley Conti
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wisnefske

Nolan Conti
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wisnefske

Copesan Services, Inc.

Cohen Cramey
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cramey

Crane Engineering

Juan Crespo
Reit Management & Research LLC

Chris and Pat Crooks for 50th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Sorenson

Custom Alarm/CCi

D&S Machine Service, Inc.

Deltrol Corp.

Dr. Arlen D. Denny's work
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Dahnke

Derick & Sarah DePagter for in Memory of Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer

Owen Diderrich
Mrs. LeRoy Fenzl

Jennifer DiFrances
Mr. and Mrs. Keith C. Roberts

Camryn, Luke, Clare and Laine Dillig 
Ms. Theresa West

Douglas Dynamics, LLC

Lily Dove
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Adams
Ms. Jaime Dietzler
Ms. Erin Dove
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hetzer
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mack
Ms. Loren B. McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Peterson
Ms. June I. Sommerfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin R. Zajork

Julia and Eva Dow 
Ms. Theresa West

Bret Dunkel
Ms. JoAnn Bucko

Brian Ramel Merry Christmas Bill, Melissa and Lindsay from Mom and Dad
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Eberle

Randy and Dixie Edge
Mrs. Dennise Ross

Leah Ellwanger for Merry Christmas
HTF Solutions

Mr. Michael Hoekstra


Encap, LLC & Feeco International, Inc.

Anna Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Owen P. Evans

Christopher Ewert
Ms. Jo Ellen Ewert

Faith Technologies, Inc.

Nicole Falk
Ms. Sylvia M. Schubring

Elizabeth Faraglia
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Faraglia

Keegan Favill
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Favill

Anna Feeley
Ms. Kim Feeley

Susan Fehrenbach R.N.
Mr. Martin J. Schubilske

Ann Felauer
Ms. Bonnie V. Felauer

Anna Fiorita
Mrs. Henry A. Elsesser

Vince Forseth
Mr. and Mrs. Rodd Wangen

Peter Friedlander for Holiday Gift
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Asmuth

Mya Galbraith for Her 1st Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Galbraith

Marti Gellings 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Wavra

Samantha Ghantous for Holiday Gift Giving
Ms. Sarah Ghantous

Lauren A. Giuliani
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd M. Weir

Jacquelynn Glasenapp
Mr. Brent A. Glasenapp

Maggie Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Golden

Susan L. Gonring
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gonring

Marc H. Gorelick
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd M. Weir

Cynthia A. Gouzie
Mr. Richard Gouzie

Angela Graf for Happy Holidays and Thank you
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Pliskie

Eileen Graney
Mr. Kevin Graney

Kara Graney
Mr. Kevin Graney

Linda Graney
Mr. Kevin Graney

Karen Graney McKinney
Mr. Kevin Graney

Ron & Sue Graney
Mr. Kevin Graney

Mitchell Kaderabek
Bellin Health
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Birkholz
Mrs. Roger Hallberg
Mrs. Al Kaderabek
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. McCulley
Mrs. Dennise Ross
Mr. John Schnell
Ms. Dorothy Ulness
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Wakeman

Great Northern Corporation

Kelly Grebe of MillerCoors for Birthday
Quarles & Brady, LLP

Green Bay Converting

Guaranty Service Group, Inc.

Dr. Michael Gutzeit
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd M. Weir

Hartford Finishing

Jacob Hartmann for Christmas
Ms. Wendy A. Hartmann

Jeffrey Hartnett for Christmas
Ms. Betty M. Hartnett

Heartland Technology Group, Inc.

Marilyn Heerey for Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Heerey

Eddie & Jude Hegwood 3rd Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hegwood

Benjamin Hein
Mrs. Amy L. Hein
Ms. Bonnie Wolf

Luci Rose Henke for Luci's Giant Pumpkin Festival
Mr. Jeffrey Shoulak

Henry's Foods, Inc.

Rick and Barb Henry's Wedding
Ms. Gwyn Antoine
Ms. Mary E. Batterman
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Batterman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Brusseau
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fonk
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gramoll
Mr. Rick Gramoll
Ms. Carol E. Grothus
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heidemann
Ms. Dolores Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Heuer
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Schmeling
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Schmidt
Ms. Amy C. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thomas

Herma Family

Amanda Herrick
Mrs. Christine Eldred

Herzing University

Finn Thomas Hettinger for Finn's 2nd Birthday!
Mr. Michael C. Hettinger

John M. Honisch
Mrs. Joanne Heup

John Michael and Briana Gabriella Honisch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Honisch

Carolyn & Cliff Huebsch
Ms. Sally W. Jipson

Charles Hughes
Mr. Jeffrey E. Hughes

Hydrite Chemical Company

Infinite Campus, Inc.

Inland Label & Marketing Services, LLC

Gracie Ann Jagodzinski
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jagodzinski

Lauren Janisch for 1st Birthday
Mr. Lawrence Reimer

Lori Jelinek
Ms. Mandy Jelinek

Tiffany Jesko
Ms. Linda A. Zima

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

Jesus Birthday
Mr. Robert Rinderle

JF Ahern

Ms. June I. Sommerfeld

Casey Johnson
Mrs. Judith R. Zak

Johnson Level & Tool Mfg. Co., Inc.

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

Larissa Kabat for Christmas Gift
Ms. Nancy A. Mogenson

Kahlig Auto Group

Christopher Karabon
Ms. Bernadine G. Karabon

Ted Kellner
Mr. Karl Poehls

Kendall Packaging Corporation

Juliet Kersten
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd Weir

Rylee Kieckbusch for Thankful for a strong, happy, loving heart!
Ms. Kathleen M. Meyers

Douglas Raymond Kienast
Fox Valley Motorcycle Show

Lillian Viola Knapp
Liberty Mutual "Give with Liberty"

Teresa Knutson
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Pliskie

Danielle Kobringer
Mrs. Christine Eldred

Jessica Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Roland H. Piquette

Nancy Korom
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd Weir

James Korth Family
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Lloyd

Jim & Donna Korth for Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Mangini

Katie Kosiboski
Ms. Katie Kosiboski

Jennifer R. Kowitz
The Trustmark Foundation

Dr. Robert Krasner
Leslie Carroll and Michele M. Marcuccio 

Serena Kroon
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Kroon

Henry R. Krueger
Mr. Brian A. Bahls
Mr. Charles Geiser
Mr. Wilmer Geiser
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Krueger
Mr. Rick Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Miller
Ms. Meghann B. Schmitt

Krueger International

Tayten Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Losselyong
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Peterson

Bernard S. Kubale
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Gelband
Caroline Kubale Smith and Kevin R. Smith

Marion Kuether for Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Gast
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Helms

Ethan Kurtz
Mrs. LeRoy Fenzl

La Crosse County

Lakeside International Trucks

Mary Lamping and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Johnson II

Betsy Langer for Merry Christmas!
Ms. Billie J. Slade

Lucas LaPlante
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. LaPlante

Elise LaPorte for Charity Gift Exchange
Ms. Maria A. Schwartz

Connor Lee
Fox Valley Motorcycle Show

Brooke Leffler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Berns

Mike Lepley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lepley

Sara Lepley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lepley

A.J. Lesar
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Lesar

Candace Letcher
Mr. Jeffrey G. Olenchek

Mike and Alice Liebelt
Ms. Mary T. Brasseaux

Zaden Liesch
Fox Valley Motorcycle Show

Mr. Mark W. Whitney

The LINN Companies

Living Well Disability Services

Beth Long 
Mr. and Mrs. Donne Viau

Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh

Linzy Mahoney for Celebrating your Birthday
Mr. Peter P. Kroening

Mary Ellen Malloy for Christmas!
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Honisch

Kim & Kathleen Manner
Mr. Kevin Graney

Stephanie Marcuccio
Leslie Carroll and Michele M. Marcuccio

Aoife Marinan
Ms. Katharine M. Marinan
Ms. Diane Rychlinski

Autumn Markos for Heart Transplant
Mr. Alan Markos

Kim Marotta
Quarles & Brady, LLP

Ashlee and Matt Martin for Christmas
Ms. Nancy E. Whereatt

Robert and Marlene Martin for 50th year from First Date
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strutz

Tony Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Pritzl

Mason Companies, Inc.

Duane & Alice Matson for 45th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Quinn

Alexa Mayer for her birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hildebrand

Sarah Mazzie for ALL Survivor
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Mazzie

Michael W. McCarthy and Ronald E. Jacquart
Ms. Marilyn J. Callan-Grau

Katie (Anderson) McCormick
Mr. Sean McCormick

Conor McKeon
Ms. Barbara Farley

Kendall McNamara for Merry Christmas. Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Meg
Mr. William C. McNamara

Selma Mechanic for "Special" Birthday
Ms. Flora M. Abramson
Mr. Arthur M. Arnstein
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Arnstein
Mr. and Mrs. David Arnstein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bamberger
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Borsuk
Ms. Estelle Felber
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Flesch
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Friedman
Neil Glasstein
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton R. Himelhoch
Ms. Florence M. Holzman
Mrs. Marlene S. Kagen
Ms. Mary Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Katz
Ms. Ann Knell
Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Kolb
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Marcuvitz
Ms. Beverly G. Melnikov
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford J. Mitz
Ms. Robin E. Neuman
Ms. Abby Panosh and Mr. Phil Froemm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Schnoll
Mr. Albert Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Milton P. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Wasser
Ms. Tracy Watchmaker-Schneider

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

Doolin Meni for Cancer free
Mr. and Mrs. William Wogstad

Riley Mentink
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ternes

Naomi Metz
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Marohl

Kayleen Meyer for In Memory of Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer

Richard & Samantha Meyer & Family for in Memory of Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

MICO, Inc.

George and Lauren Milosavljevic
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Pierson

Milwaukee Tool

Brian Moeller's heart surgery 1981 at 3 years old
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moeller

Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Dreier

Dawn Mueller for Christmas Gift
Ms. Nancy A. Mogenson

My Children
Ms. Laura L. Gentele

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

Renae Narloch-Milford
Mr. and Mrs. Donn Lesch

Anne and Tom Neeb
Adam M. Ross

M. Lucille Neff for Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Carroll

Nekoosa Coated Products

Hannah Nelson
Mr. William J. Przybysz

Marguerite Nelson
Ms. Anne M. Grode

Beatrice Nicolai for Blessed with a loving family
Mr. Shawn Copsey

Peggy Niemer
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd M. Weir

Gary Novitski, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Dirkmann

Sela Novotny for First Birthday
Ms. Laurie Becker
Mr. Todd Novotny

Taylor, Paige & Sawye, Rohlf, Nygaard
Mr. Gregory A. Yahr

Jeremy Nygaard
Mrs. Wilma J. Nygaard

O & H Danish Bakery

Lynn O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Pliskie

Maddison Ohm
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Krapfl

Olmsted Medical Center

Oneida Tribe of Indians of WI

Tristan Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Ruhl

OSI Physical Therapy

Our Clients & Business Associates
HFM Packaging, Ltd.

Our son Tim
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wilde

Palmer Johnson Power Systems

Leslie Paparsenos for Christmas!
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Honisch

The Parks Companies

PaR Systems, Inc.

Parallel Technologies, Inc.

Joe and Nancy Peacock
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Anttila

Miles Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Ciontea, Jr.

Kim R. Pemble
C-Suite Resources

Pemco Inc.

Brooks Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Stanek

The Peterson Family for Christmas
Ms. Evelyn M. Korth
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Mangini

Emily Philip
Fox Valley Motorcycle Show

Jayden Pierce for 6 Year cancer Survivor!
Ms. Angela J. Pierce

Bobbi Polacheck for Special Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Margolis

Peyton Pollock and Sara & Josh Duchow
Mr. and Mrs. William Duchow

James Pouros In Thanksgiving for help received
Ms. Carol A. Badzinski

Precision Associates, Inc.

Precision Plus, Inc.

Professional Plating, Inc.

Joel Quadracci
Tri-State Industrial Group

Jackson Radandt
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Poklinkoski

Kayla Marie Raether on her 30th birthday, from Grandma
Mrs. Joann M. Hein

Quinn Randall
Ms. Peggy Pavlovich

Kira and Nicole Reed for Daughters
Mr. Robbie R. Reed

Eva Rentas for Celebrating your Birthday
Mr. Peter P. Kroening

Joe Reynolds
Ms. Mary E. Conway

Sarah Reynolds for Christmas Present
Ms. Mallory Smith

Sheila M. Reynolds
Ms. Cinthia S. Christensen and Mr. Todd M. Weir

Rice Management

Marilyn Richards for Blessed with a loving Family
Mr. Shawn Copsey

Riley Construction Co., Inc.

Melvin Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gresham

Jayla Rodriquez for Cancer Survivor
Mr. Craig Mastantuono

Nola Rodriquez for Birthday
Ms. Robianna R. Hakenson

Peyton Ross
Ms. Michelle Menigoz

Caleb & Noah Ruhl
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Ruhl

Russell Investments
Ms. Laura A. Hutchison

Maddie Sabinash
Mrs. Richard C. Featherly

Benjamin Patrick Sahy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Doane

Sophie Sands
Mr. Roger Sands

Desmond Sangraw
Mr. and Mrs. Erick Ruotsala

Hunter Savaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Klepel

Jillean Elizabeth Scanian for Her 17th Year
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Scanian

Ian Schabel
Mr. Michael Schabel

Steve and Mike Schara
Ms. Lela M. Brody
Liberty Mutual "Give with Liberty"

Julia Hope Schauer
Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Head

Isaac Schneider
Mrs. Merry Damrow

Robert & Eileen Scholz for Christmas
Tony and Colleen Impellitteri

School District of Holmen

School District of New Berlin

School District of Onalaska

Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Charlie Benjamin Schulman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Schulman

Mara Schulman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Schulman

McKena Schultz, a leukemia survivor
Mrs. Charlotte A. Murray

Judy Schulz for Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Pamela J. Essmann

Allie Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Schwarz

Grandson Jacob Schwarz's birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Schwarz

Jessica Seder
Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Seder

Service Heat Treating

Shiloh Industries, Inc.

Max Siepert for your generosity 10/03
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Siepert

Sil-Pro, LLC.

Skyline Technologies

Ella B. Smetana
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smetana

SnoWay International, Inc.

Sam Sommer
Ms. Julie Crandau

Staff of RCS Packaging
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome K. Leahy

Lou & Nita Staffaroni
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Marsack

Amanda Beyer Staidl
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Vanko

Larson G. Stair
Mr. and Mrs. Orval Zarling

Kyle & Kim Starasinich In Memory of Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer

Steel Craft Corporation

Joseph Loren Steffek
Mr. and Mrs. Troy R. Vosters

Judy Steininger
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Margolis

Mrs. Mary Stockhausen for Christmas
Mrs. Debbie Zachman

Amelia Stone for Ongoing treatment
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fink, Jr.

Deb and George Stone for Christmas
Ms. Nancy E. Whereatt

George and Antonia Stone for Christmas
Ms. Nancy E. Whereatt

Strattec Security Corporation

Stephanie Streck
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Knoener

Mr. Michael Hoekstra

Ellie Sweet
Mr. Mark Plotkin

The Szalacinski Family
Liberty Mutual "Give with Liberty"
Mr. Jeffrey R. Szalacinski

Katie Teal
Mr. Bryan Blaschke

Jack and Doreen Theriault
Mr. and Mrs. Jared D'Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. Marv Jenkins
Stacie, Brady, Macie & Max Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Soutor
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Theriault
Kurt, Jennifer, Jack & Avery Theriault
Mr. Scott Theriault
Ms. Jill M. Vitkus
Mr. Peter Wasilevich
Mr. Jason Yorgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Yorgensen

Shawn and Elisabeth Thielitz - Thank you for booking with Fairy Tale Travels, LLC
Ms. Gail Kopitske

Daniel Tomrell
Mr. Carl R. Mangerson

Toolrite Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Elysia Vanderperren
Mr. and Mrs. Erick Ruotsala

Ryan Vandyke for Birthday
Mr. Jeremiah Bender
Ms. Morgan Hann
Mr. Matthew Lang
Mr. Zachary Mattes
Mr. Jacob Miller
Mr. Anthony Vodicka

William Van Dyke for Christmas
Ms. Kendra Zepnick

Van Hoof Corporation

Jose Vazquez
Ms. Carina Zapien

Nathan Vitek
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vitek


Volunteers of America of Minnesota

Colin Waas
Mr. James A. Hefter

Mitchell Wanninger
Liberty Mutual "Give with Liberty"

Steven Michael Warpinski
Mr. and Mrs. Troy R. Vosters

Maddison Watson
Ms. Mary E. Schauwitzer

Waukesha Foundry, Inc.

Wausau Supply Company

Webcrafters, Inc.

Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc.

Werner Electric Supply Company

Jo Wertschnig
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Sexton

Westbury Bank

Cathie and Henry Whereatt-Capetillo for Christmas
Ms. Nancy E. Whereatt

Wisconsin Valley Concrete/Wisconsin Flowgate & Culvert

Andrew Williams
Ms. Sharon M. Williams

Hailey Williams

Winkie's, Inc.
Ms. Leslie N. Bee

Winnebago County

Anthony and Alia Witt for Adoption of Anthony
Mr. Nicholas B. Griffie
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Herlache
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Meaux
Ms. Mary Siebert
Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Van Straten


Lauren Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Grimm

Wooddale Church

YWCA of Minneapolis

Dennis Zak
Mrs. Judith R. Zak

Joey Zechlinski
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Ketterman

Angelina Zerrillo 
Mrs. Sharon S. Gay

Owen Ziebell
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wysocki

Zilber Ltd.

Madeline Zimmer
Ms. Pauline Klinkosh
Ms. Kris A. Zimmer

Ed and Diane Zore
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Janik