Fundraising ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a personalized fundraising web page

No technical skills required, we promise! When you have your own Web page to promote your run/walk/marathon or other event, friends, family and co-workers can easily donate money online to help support Children's. Take a look at how others are using this easy system here.

Miracle Balloons for businesses

Sell Children's Miracle Network Balloons to your customers for a $1 contribution. Customers sign their balloons which you display in your windows, make into mobiles, string across your cash registers or display on a wall. To make it fun and more successful, add a little friendly competition to see who can sell the most balloons.

Coin collection canisters

Display coin collection canisters in your business at highly visible locations for employees and/or customers. Some people have some competitive fun with these as well, decorating the canisters in the colors of rival NFL teams during the playoffs, for example.

Bake/food sales

Bake/food sales are easy to organize by themselves or in tandem with another event. Baked goods, hot dogs and popcorn are popular and easy items to sell. For a different spin, invite colleagues to bring in food like chili or desserts for a competition. Sell food during lunch and/or breaks. The food that the most people buy is the winner.


The list of possible marathons is endless, and most have nothing to do with running. Children's supporters have raised pledges for the number of hours they can rock in a rocking chair, or how long they can jump rope or pogo, how many pins knocked down at the bowling alley and how many basketball baskets made.

Other ideas:

  • Casual day
  • Fashion show
  • Golf tournament
  • Karaoke contest
  • Car wash
  • Talent show
  • Garage sale
  • Guitar Hero contest/concert/American Idol contest
  • Treasure hunt
  • Bingo
  • Money tree
  • Used book/CD fair
  • Cutest pet contest
  • Bake/food sales
  • Marathons
  • Personalized fundraising web page
  • Sell Miracle balloons in your store
  • Coin collection canisters

 Thank you, donors! We work hard to ensure each gift we receive is thoughtfully following your wishes.