Toy donation guidelines

If you plan to donate items, toys or other goods, please note that Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is only able to accept gifts of new, unused toys.

In the spirit of health, and in order to keep kids safe, we must be cautious about infection control. Our patients have specialized medical needs, so we must be particularly careful about the types of gifts we can accept. For example, dust, animal dander and smells (such as cigarette smoke and strong fragrances) can be harmful to kids who are already sick.

Learn what we can and cannot accept

We kindly ask that you abide by the following guidelines when planning your gift donations.

Yes, we can accept:

  • New, unused items in their original packaging, purchased within the last three months
  • New, unused handmade items (caps, quilts, booties, etc.)
  • New gift bags 
  • New and gently used books
  • Batteries (especially appreciated if the toy you are donating requires a battery)

No, we cannot accept:

  • Used toys
  • New stuffed toys more than 18 inches (1.5 feet) tall
  • Stuffed toys from vending machines
  • Food (including gingerbread houses) and candy
  • Latex balloons and anything containing latex
  • Religious items
  • Sports cards
  • Toys with violent themes or that are insensitive to a culturally diverse population
  • Wrapped gifts

If you have additional questions, we encourage you to email us or call our toy donation hotline in Milwaukee at (414) 266-2787 or in Neenah at (920) 969-5355.