Leadership at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin reaches far beyond the hospital walls and extends deep into the community. Over two dozen valued community members serve on our boards, lending their time and expertise each year to ensure the health of Wisconsin’s kids.

Board leadership at Children’s

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation are each governed by a distinct board of directors. Many passionate individuals actively give of their time, serving on one or both boards, with many crossing over and serving time on both boards. Trusted advisors, these valued individuals lend their time and expertise to Children’s. Their oversight is integral to ensuring the health of Wisconsin’s kids. 

Why Children's?

In the following video, watch Jay Rothman, chairman of the board of directors, explain why he supports Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation’s board of directors

Members of our board of directors are valued partners. Generously giving of their time and talent to oversee foundation operations, board members ensure the success of our foundation. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Gifts to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation directly support Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and its mission. A 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to the foundation are tax-deductible to the extent guaranteed by law.

Thank you!

We are grateful to each and every board member, past and present, for their guidance. It is the work of many united that ensures future generations continue to receive the best care.

Foundation Board Members

  • Chris Kaltenbach, Chair
  • Tom Arenberg, Vice Chair
  • Peggy Troy, CEO
  • Jason Allen
  • Rick Boelter
  • Dan Buerhle
  • Kelly Cleary-Rebholz
  • Barri Drury
  • Kristy Elmore
  • Raquel Filmanowicz
  • Kelly Grebe
  • Jacqueline Herd-Barber
  • Mary Hosmer
  • Ted Kellner
  • Bernard Kubale
  • David Luczak
  • Karim (Missy) MacLeod
  • Dave Margolis, MD
  • Jared Masters
  • John Miller
  • Meg Brzyski Nelson
  • John Noel
  • Ugo Nwagbaraocha
  • James Ostrom
  • Greg Renz
  • Rolando Rodriguez
  • Jay Rothman
  • John Shiely
  • Thelma Sias
  • Mary Ellen Stanek
  • Les Weil
  • David Werner
  • Teddy Werner