National Project ADAM affiliates

Affiliate programs

In addition to serving schools throughout Wisconsin, the Project ADAM model is used by organizations nationwide.

By creating affiliate programs in other states, we are becoming unified in our mission to provide comprehensive defibrillation programming in schools across the country. Current national Project ADAM affiliate sites include:


National Affiliate Meetings

Project ADAM coordinators around the nation meet in person annually to discuss program best practices, goals, challenges, successes and work towards forward change to keep our schools and communities prepared for cardiac emergencies.

National Affiliate Meeting, Children’s of Alabama, 2015

Left to right top: Dr Stuart Berger (CA), Gwen Fosse (MI), Barbara Mostella (AL), Richard Lamphier (GA), Ryan Schaefer (WA), Cris Brown (AL), Courtney Zimmerman (CO), Alli Thompson (WI)

Project ADAM Team NC

Left to right bottom: Laura Friend (TX), Danielle Main Haley (PA), Amber Lindgren (CA), Karen Dean Smith (TN), not pictured Martha Lopez-Anderson (FL)

Project ADAM National Affiliate Meeting, North Carolina 2014

Left to right: Alli Thompson (WI), Martha Lopez-Anderson (FL), Gwenn Fosse (MI), Ryan Schaefer (WA), Alison Ellison (GA), Stuart Berger, MD (WI), Danielle Main Haley (PA), Richard Lamphier (GA), Laura Friend (TX), Karen Dean Smith (TN), Cris Brown (AL)

project adam coordinator group

Project ADAM National Affiliate Meeting, Pennsylvania CHOP, 2011

Left to right: Debra Klich (WI), Cris Brown (AL), Danielle Haley (PA), Alison Ellison (GA), Johneen Davis (IL), Laura Friend (TX), Ryan Schaefer (WA). Marianne Jennings (TN) and Bronwen Ramos (FL) - not shown

How to become a Project ADAM affiliate

If your community has an interest in reaching out to schools to provide support and resources for cardiac emergency preparedness, our model is for you. Contact our main office to get started, (414) 266-3889 or Please also review our affiliate manual for more information.