What we do at Project ADAM

Project ADAM provides a wide range of support for schools.

Funding assistance

Project ADAM provides $600 training grants and other funding to support you in implementing your program. Complete and submit an application to get started. Training Grant Application (PDF)

Wisconsin Masonic Foundation partnership

Project ADAM has partnered with the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation to help connect schools with local Masonic lodges. The Masonic Medical Fund offers a dollar-for-dollar matching program to help purchase automated external defibrillator (AED) equipment for Wisconsin schools. For more information contact the Masonic Medical Foundation at (800) 242-2307.

Recycle to raise funds

Project ADAM has partnered with Print Cartridge Recycle to create two new programs to raise funding for and awareness of Public Access Defibrillation programs in schools. By collecting used print cartridges and cell phones you can earn money to purchase AEDs or support Project ADAM operations. Learn more about recycling to raise funds

Other funding ideas for your AED program

Schools seeking money for AEDs and training may want to consider the following funding opportunities:

  • Civic organizations, such as the Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary, help other schools with similar programs. Contact your local chapter.
  • Contact local corporations and foundations or hold traditional fund-raisers. Go to www.fdncenter.org for tips on finding foundations in your area. Wisconsin schools may want to consult Foundations in Wisconsin: A Directory, available at many public libraries and for sale by Marquette University's Funding Information Center.


Project ADAM actively participates in state and national initiatives such as Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition and the Center for School, Youth and Citizen Preparedness to promote legislation and funding to support increased public access to defibrillators.

The ADAM Act built upon the success of Project ADAM by establishing a national clearinghouse that will serve as a resource center for schools that wish to implement a public access defibrillation program. It also will foster new community partnerships among public and private organizations and create a way to track and conduct research in the area of cardiac arrest among children.


Using information from member schools, Project ADAM staff has developed a database of AED programs and sudden cardiac events. Best practices are being researched to further improve school programs.

In addition, researching sudden cardiac events may lead to better identification of risk factors and prevention of such events. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has a nationally-recognized team of pediatric cardiologists and health professionals who are nationally renowned experts on sudden cardiac death in children and adolescents.