Community reports showcase our commitment to children and families

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is dedicated to pediatric caregiving, advocacy, research and education. We are proud of the work we do to improve the lives children and families and are pleased to report on our success.

We support the community through numerous programs and services that improve the health of children and strengthen families.

In 2013, we invested more than $105 million to fund these important community benefits with the long-term goal of keeping all children healthy, happy and safe.

Community Benefits Report

  • Traditional charity care -- $1,047,595
  • Unpaid cost of Medicaid -- $62,097,892
  • Community health improvement services -- $5,182,153
  • Health professions education -- $16,127,778
  • Subsidized health services -- $6,384,138
  • Research -- $12,929,604
  • Financial aid and in-kind contributions -- $481,934
  • Community building activities -- $1,159,627
  • Community benefit operations -- $375,284
Read our 2014 Community Benefits Report (PDF).

Community Health Needs Assessments

We focus many of our resources on improving the health outcomes of the children in greatest need in the areas served by our hospitals in Milwaukee and Neenah. These reports outline the needs of these communities and how we are addressing them.

Community Services Reports

Our Community Services programs impact thousands of children in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin each year. We are pleased to share information about the clients served through our programs and our financials.