Children available for adoption

We hope that you enjoy The Heart Gallery of Wisconsin photography exhibit. While the adoptability status of the children featured on this web site may change daily, we hope that you will come away from this gallery with the knowledge that children and adolescents of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds need a forever family to call their own.

We never have enough homes and there is always a need for homes for older children and groups of brothers and sisters. Adoption cuts across every ethnic, religious, social and economic level. Adoptive parents can be people of very modest means, or they can be at the top of the economic scale. We need all kinds of families


A2A was born in October of 1997. She is a funny, creative, caring, resilient, insightful and goal orientated young lady. Her smile lights up a room. A has aspirations to become a hair stylist and currently enjoys styling her own hair and other people’s hair for fun. A is on target academically and does well in school. She plans to attend college following graduation.

A does have some struggles; she is diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and sometimes struggles controlling her anger and behaviors due to her past traumas. She requires a forever family who will be enduring through this struggle and stand by her. A will benefit greatly from a patient and supportive forever family who will not give up on her and will assist her to secure the bright future she deserves.

A says...

Hi, my name is A and I'm 17 years old and I live in Milwaukee. In 10 years I want to be a judge and own a hair shop. I’m working on getting there, and right now I’m struggling. My goals are to graduate H.S., attend college, leave Milwaukee and feed the poor. I am known for being goofy, being loud, dancing, hair styles and dressing pretty. For fun I like to do hair, be goofy and dance.

A3If I could be an animal I would choose to be a polar bear because they are big and pretty. If I had to describe myself with one word I’d choose: “Survivor.” I am my own source of strength while in foster care. One thing I want the world to know about me is my life story.

  • My favorite food is chitlins and Ramen Noodles
  • My favorite color is pink
  • My favorite sport is basketball
  • My favorite books are “The lost Boy” and “A Child called it.”
  • My favorite cartoon and/or characters are Tinkerbell, Pooh Bear, Mickey Mouse and myself!
  • I love my boyfriend and myself

Birthday: October 1997


Traveion says...

In 10 years I want to be a karate expert. I’m working on getting there, and right now I’m still learning. I am known for how hard I try at everything I do and for my smile. For fun I like to play outside. I love dogs! If I had to pick a word to describe myself I would pick: typical kid. My goals are find a home and not move anymore.

My favorite food is hamburgers.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite sport is soccer.
My favorite movies are “Frozen” and any Christmas movies.
If I could be an animal I would choose to be a dog, because dogs are really smart.
My source of strength while in foster care is keeping calm. 


Birthday: March 2002
Photographer: Jamie Klesmith of Della Vita Portrait Studio, LLC.

Alex and Desteny


Alex is a very active boy with a lot of energy. He has black hair and big brown eyes. Alex enjoys being outside, riding his bike, playing basketball, playing with his toys and watching television. His foster parents say he is helpful and does well when he has tasks to do. Alex does best when there is consistency and structure in his life and he would benefit and thrive in a loving home that will provide the stability and security all children need.

Desteny is a very active girl with black hair and brown eyes. She does really well with completing her school work, although she can be talkative in the classroom. Desteny enjoys “girly things” and playing outside and watching television. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Desteny does well with structure and consistency and loves to receive praise and rewards.

Alex and Desteny both attended a day treatment program and have made remarkable improvements. Both children have now transitioned back to full days of school, with IEPs in place. Alex and Desteny are a close sibling pair with some cognitive and emotional needs that only loving, committed, and patient caregivers can address. These children need a forever home in order to continue to grow and thrive.

Alex's birthday: February 2004
Desteny's birthday: June 2005


Patrick is a sweet and active boy. Born in January, 2000, he enjoys playing video games and chess, reading (especially science fiction), making art projects, drumming, playing violin in his school orchestra, and playing basketball. Patrick values regular contact with his brother, who lives with an adoptive family in Milwaukee. 

Patrick is diagnosed with mild mental retardation; however, he is on grade level in school and participates in regular education classes with special education assistance. Patrick likes school and wants to be a secret agent, police officer or deacon when he grows up. Above all, Patrick wants to be accepted and have a forever family and home.

Patrick says...

Hi, my name is Patrick. I'm 14 years old and I live in Milwaukee. In 10 years I want to be a CIA Agent. I’m working on getting there and right now I am working towards graduating high school. I really love school and for fun I like to play video games, go bowling and reading. I’m known for telling jokes to everyone. My sources of strength while in foster care are my dreams and aspirations. 

My favorite foods are Tacos and Burritos
My favorite color is Blue.
My favorite sport is Basketball.
My favorite character is Percy Jackson.
If I could be an animal, I would choose to be a Panda.

partickVTB2 partickVTB3 partickVTB4
partickHTB1 partickHTB2  

Birthday: January 2000
Photographer: Caitlin Staedler Photography

EJ (Edward)

Edward EJEdward (EJ) is a 12-year-old African American boy with a welcoming smile that warms everyone's heart. EJ has a warm, caring and endearing personality that allows those around him to become attached rather quickly.

EJ would love to get know a family over his favorite snacks, pizza and ice cream. He enjoys playing basketball, kickball and baseball. Though his absolute favorite activity is playing board games, and he will sit for hours with anybody willing to play his favorite game - “Trouble.”

EJ becomes anxious in new environments, but he has made tremendous progress and is now attending day school. He is passing his classes and enjoys going to school. School is important to EJ and he dreams about becoming a police officer when he gets older. EJ stutters and needs someone with patience and who is willing to help him become more confident with his speech.

EJ is looking for a family who will allow him to continue contact with a former foster parent who has adopted his sibling, as well as his biological father. He is looking for a family to love and care for him like one of their own. EJ loves dogs and would love a family with a pet and perhaps an older sibling. EJ still has a ways to go, but would be a great addition to anyone's family with the right dynamics and loving environment.

EJ says...

Hi, my name is EJ and I'm 12 years old and I live in Milwaukee. In 10 years I want to be a race car driver. I’m working on getting there. My goals are to have good behaviors, do well at home and school. I am known for being good at basketball. For fun I like to play video games and sports. If I could be an animal I would choose to be a cheetah because they are fast. If I had to describe myself with one word I’d choose: “fun.” I want the world to know that I’m fun and nice.

  • My favorite food is pizza, smoothies strawberry bananas
  • My favorite color is blue
  • My favorite sport is basketball
  • My favorite characters are super heroes
  • I love those who take care of me (foster parents) and dad

Birthday: May 2002

Photographer: WojoImage Photography



Aniyah is a cute brown haired, brown eyes girl who likes having her nails painted and being with her friends. When she is not at school or with her friends she likes to spend quality time with her caregiver. She has dreams of going to college and is still thinking about what she would like to be when she grows up.

While Aniyah is generally a smiling, friendly, and affectionate there are times when she can become impulsive, emotional or even appear aggressive. Aniyah needs caring and supportive adults in her life who are willing to provide her safe environments for her learn how express her emotions appropriately. Aniyah needs a caring and supportive adult who is dedicated to helping Aniyah navigate her way into adolescents and adulthood.

Aniyah needs strong, experienced, and dedicated adoptive parents who will be able to provide her with a home full of love, support, consistency, and structure.

Like many foster youth, Aniyah has unfortunately been moved around from one home to another. As a direct result, she has a tendency to test adults in her life when she has formed an attachment with them to see if they, too, will give up on her.


Aniyah expresses that she wants a family especially a mom who will be there to help her do her homework and celebrate the holidays. Her favorite foods are Cheeseburgers especially from McDonalds and she loves candy.

Aniyah wants and needs a family who will not give up on her no matter what.

Aniyah is open to pets in the home and other foster siblings if they are a good match. While her recruitment team will consider families from outside of Wisconsin, they are strategically hoping to match Aniyah with a Wisconsin family, as it may be easier for her to remain connected to some of her current support people and extended family members she wants to remain connected to.

Aniah says:


Hi, my name is Aniah. In 10 years I want to be in college. I'm known for my love of sugar, candy and nail polish and my favorite foods are McDonald's and Jimmy Johns. I love pink and purple and for fun I like biking and laughing. My favorite sport is volleyball, too.

Birthday, May 2005



In many ways, Daylin is a typical boy; he is active, talkative, and has a vivid imagination. He likes to watch television, but would much rather have an adult read to him. Daylin enjoys many other activities, such as Tae Kwon Do, and playing the occasional video game. But his favorite activity by far, is spending one on one time with caring adults.

Daylin is highly intelligent and is thriving at school. His teachers report that he is doing well both academically and socially. Daylin loves animals and wants to work with them in some way when he gets older.

Because of past trauma, Daylin sometimes has trouble regulating his emotions. He may get upset and act aggressively, but he does well when there is an adult near who can model how to calm oneself down. He has made a lot of progress with managing his emotions and is often very insightful about what might upset him. Daylin sometimes has nightmares and prefers to sleep with a night light.

Daylin is looking for a forever home to call his own. He wants to live in a family where the adults can give him lots of one on one attention and consistently praise him so that he knows he is doing well. Daylin would love to find a family that has a dog, or other pets, since he is an animal lover. His social worker reports that Daylin may do better in a home where he is the youngest child. The agency would prefer to place Daylin with a Wisconsin family, but is open to placing him in another state, as well.

Daylin says:

Hi, my name is Daylin. I live in Milwaukee and in 10 years I want to be a driver.

My favorite food is Chinese and my favorite colors are blue, red, purple and pink.

I like basketball and I’m known for my basketball skills. I like watching Cartoon Network and the Amazing World of Gumball. I also like fishing and video games. If I could describe myself in one word that word would be caring. I want the world to know that I like to have fun and that I love my mom and family.

Birthday: February 2006


JamalJamal is a seven-year-old who loves to explore and learn new things. He is always up for a game of basketball, being active outdoors or watching some cartoons. Jamal has adventurous tastes and likes to try a variety of foods. He tends to get along well with his peers and enjoys playing sports with friends.

Like most children, Jamal can struggle at times to understand why things may not go his way. He can be more agreeable once he feels like he is able to express himself and when he feels as though his perspective is being heard. Jamal has an IEP in school to address a speech delay and he has made tremendous progress over the past year. Jamal does best with his homework when a parent works one-on-one with him while he completes it.

Jamal needs a family who can help him to stay on track by providing structure and firm but loving methods of support to him as he learns, heals and grows. He would do best in a home with older siblings. Jamal has a hard time coping with not having a stable home and is looking forward to finding and settling in with his forever family. Jamal cares for his mother deeply and it will be important that Jamal’s forever family not only consider, but also help him maintain, some form of continued contact with his biological mother. At this time, only home studies of families in Wisconsin will be considered.

Jamal enjoys sports that include soccer and basketball. He really enjoys Chucky Cheese and playing with peers. He loves everything that is Spiderman and enjoys cartoons.

Birthday: October 2007


Jestice1Jestice is a very gentle and sweet child. She is very artistic and musical. She enjoys and is very good at dancing and singing. She is also very intelligent and does very well in school. Even during her difficult times, she always maintains strong grades in school. Jestice has many friends at school and enjoys spending time with her peers. She is very polite and grateful for all of the help she receives.

Birthday: May 2000

Photographer: WojoImage Photography



K1K is a sweet young lady that likes going out to eat and loves shopping. She also likes music playing games, doing activities and spending one-on-one time with her caregiver. She also likes horses and she would like to live in the country. She would also love to have the opportunity to travel. K is currently in high school and she is on track academically.

K would thrive in a home with no children where she can get a lot of attention and structure. She would love to keep contact with her sisters and she would like a family that wants to be involved in her school and in her life.

K says...

Hi, my name is K and I'm 15 years old and I live in Whitewater. In 10 years I want to be a marine. I’m working on getting there, and right now I’m participating in physical activities. My goals are to become a marine have them pay for school and adopt. I am known for being outspoken and stubborn. For fun I like to be active, go out and do things. If I could be an animal I would choose to be a lion because I’m a Leo. If I had to describe myself with one word I’d choose: “outspoken.” My stubbornness, inner strength and support team are my source of strength while in foster care. One K2thing I want the world to know about me is don’t judge me by the way I was raised.

  • My favorite food is Cosmic Brownies
  • My favorite color is black
  • My favorite sport is tennis
  • My favorite movie is the Goonies
  • I love me!

Birthday: August 1999

Photographer: Aryn Amber Photography


Kendell1Kendell is an African American young man born in December 2004. He is a very active boy who enjoys playing basketball, yoga, playing with puppets and playing with dough. He also likes going on the computer, playing video games and completing tasks independently. Kendell’s favorite TV show is Blue’s Clues. He enjoys helping clean up after meals or snacks and enjoys participating in sensory activities.

Kendell attends school on campus at the treatment program where he resides. Kendell does well in his small, self-contained class room. He is diagnosed with severe autism and ADHD and is working on developing his verbal and non-verbal communication as well as daily living skills. Kendell follows a lactose-free diet, but enjoys eating. Kendell would like a family who would give him a daily schedule of activities to keep him busy and learning new things.

Birthday: December 2004



Princess1Princess was born in May 2003. She is a sweet child with a great personality. Princess loves going to school and being with friends. Princess is an avid reader and often considers it one of her strengths. Princess enjoys activities such as painting nails, doing art, playing with dolls and stuffed animals, and playing electronic games. Princess considers herself very fashionable and hopes to have a job with the fashion industry. Princess also likes animals and is considering a job as a veterinarian. Princess is really great at explaining what she needs or wants and why. Princess is a very passionate and loving child. Princess has the characteristics of a great leader. Princess would like a family that is always there for her and loves her a lot.

Princess says...

Hi, my name is Princess and I'm 11 years old and I live in Milwaukee. In 10 years I want to be a model and veterinarian. I’m working on getting there, and right now I’m in 5th grade at school. My goals are to go to college and get a degree, be a veterinarian and to try my best to reach my best math expectation and to be good with fashion. I am known for being good at reading and having a good choice in fashion.

Princess2For fun I like to sing, dance and read. If I could be an animal I would choose to be a wolf because their fur is soft, they are very pretty, they hunt in groups and stick together no matter what. If I had to describe myself with one word I’d choose: “fabulous.” Reading is my source of strength while in foster care. One thing I want the world to know about me is that I’m fashionable and cute.

  • My favorite food is shrimp
  • My favorite color is baby blue, pink and purple
  • My favorite sports are basketball, football, cheerleading and gymnastics
  • My favorite book is "Breaking Dawn Part One"
  • My favorite movie is "Despicable Me Two"
  • I love fashion

Birthday: May 2003

Photographer: Corlette Photography
DOB May 2003
Photographer: Corlette Photography


Sahiina1Sahiina is a creative six-year-old girl inspired by the arts. With her vivid imagination, Sahiina is able to bring her drawings to life. Other creative ways she likes to express herself include dancing and singing. Others say she is a funny, loving and active child. Sahiina proudly describes herself as “quirky.” She enjoys a variety of foods, but she declares her favorite to be chicken nuggets. Sahiina dreams of becoming a nurse when she grows up.

Due to unpredictability that Sahiina has experienced in the past, sometimes she struggles to relate to adults in her life. At her best, Sahiina is a calm child and shows behavior of a typical six-year-old. With her sweet personality, Sahiina likes to show her enthusiasm by helping others. To support Sahiina in putting her best foot forward, caregivers have found that providing a lot of attention and activities that challenge her are what she needs. Sahiina has made great strides throughout the school year. Although Sahiina has improved in school, she struggles a bit with social interactions with other children her age. With the help of caregivers who provide continuous interaction, Sahiina is expected to catch up with her peers.

Sahiina2A family with creative energy would be a great fit for Sahiina, and offer activities that can be enjoyed together. Due to Sahiina needing a lot of attention to thrive, she would most likely be best served by being the youngest or only child of the family. Sahiina would like to have playmates, and interactions with other children in her family life could help to nurture her socially. The ability to build in one-on-one time with her parent(s) will help her to grow, overcome and succeed. It would be preferable for Sahiina to stay in Wisconsin due to connections she has with her siblings. Sahiina hopes to find a family who loves her but also whose creative minds broaden her horizons.

Birthday: June 2008

Photographer: WojoImage Photography


Sunshine1Sunshine was born in March 2007. She generally has a sweet disposition. She is very intelligent, caring and witty. She enjoys going out to eat, playing games (a favorite is UNO), coloring, putting Legos together and exploring the local library. Sunshine really enjoys reading. Sunshine is on target academically, but has some struggles in the classroom to control her behavior and anger. She has an IEP in school to address these issues and attends therapy weekly. Sunshine’s behaviors are related to her past traumas. She will benefit greatly from a forever family who will be consistent, loving, patient, kind and structured while she works through these issues.

Sunshine says...

Sunshine2Hi, my name is Sunshine and I'm 7 years old and I live in Milwaukee. In 10 years I want to be a babysitter. I’m working on getting there, and right now I’m a scholar. My goals are to go to listen to teachers, and be a good scholar who knows how to act. I am known for wearing glasses.. For fun I like to play Lego friends. If I could be an animal I would choose to be an elephant because they like to play water fights with their kids. If I had to describe myself with one word I’d choose: “love.” My friends and my placement are my source of strength while in foster care. One thing I want the world to know about me is that I’m a cool person.

  • My favorite food is noodles
  • My favorite colors are everything in the rainbow except black
  • My favorite book is “If you give a mouse a phone”
  • My favorite TV shows are "Sponge Bob," Cartoon Network, Netflix, "Chocolate Factory" and "Walley Zoo"
  • I love having fun at recess

Birthday: March 2007

Photographer: Corlette Photography


Thai1Thai is an endearing young boy of Caucasian and Asian descent who is yearning to be part of a family who will provide love, stability and guidance. Thai is fun to be around and has a very sweet personality. He is quite the conversationalist and is rather engaging. Thai describes himself as helpful, intelligent, silly and respectful. Thai takes pride in his appearance and is doing well in school. He does not like to be bored and thrives when he has an element of physical activity in his day.

Thai enjoys animals immensely. A prior respite family of his had a hobby farm and caring for the animals provided Thai with a sense of satisfaction, helpfulness, and a way to expend energy in a positive way. His favorite television channel is Animal Planet and he can tell you a lot of exciting facts about animals. Thai learned to fish last year and he is proud to own two fishing poles of his own. He enjoys football, but has never played. Thai says that he likes to color, play cards and games, do word searches, and read. Thai likes to engage in purposeful, helpful and physical activities. He likes to play or help outdoors. Thai’s favorite treat is frozen yogurt.

Thai2He is doing well with school and completing his homework as assigned. His interest in reading has increased, as well. Thai responds well to earning rewards for positive behavior. He is redirectable and takes correction from adults at home.

Thai needs adults in his life who are understanding and can thoughtfully respond to his needs. He needs a family who can exercise patience as he learns to accept and process the love of a family. He is in need of a family who can provide stability for him at last. A calm, consistent and structured environment would be best for Thai as he acclimates to family life. It is not a requirement for Thai to remain in Wisconsin, but he would like a family who will encourage his continued communication with his siblings. Thai hopes to become part of a family that has animals he can play with and care for. Thai looks forward to being part of a family who will nurture him, listen to him, and care about him forever.

Birthday: May 2003



Isaah is an energetic and charming biracial youth with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has a passion for arts and crafts and enjoys singing in choir. When he is not playing video games or on his computer, Isaah likes to keep active, and enjoys a variety of sports that have included basketball, hockey, and swimming in the past. He currently participates in Tae Kwon Do.Some of his favorite foods include pepperoni pizza and ice cream.

Isaah enjoys school, despite that it sometimes presents learning challenges for him. He follows an IEP and does best with one-on-one attention in both school and home settings. Isaah is able to follow a routine, but he can be easily distracted and become frustrated. He does best when given gentle reminders and help to complete chores and school work.

Isaah has had several life experiences that have created many inner doubts and fears for him that, in turn, have impacted his current behaviors and needs. He is anxious when it comes to change and often struggles to communicate his frustrations. His reactions can present as challenging and he may require a moment to unwind and cool off. When Isaah is struggling to manage his behaviors, it is comforting for him to know that there are people close by who care about him.


Isaah would be best matched with an experienced family who is nurturing and has a thorough understanding of parenting children with trauma, as well as attachment issues. He needs a family willing and able to provide him with a structured environment and to help him with setting and maintaining strong boundaries/limits. Although out-of-state homes will be considered, Isaah does have existing connections with former foster parents, his birth mother, and siblings in Wisconsin that are essential to maintain.

Birthday, August 2003

Photographer: Elysha Rice – 2015


Isaah3   Isaah4



Justin is a handsome boy with a smile that will light up your day. He loves the outdoors and is very open to trying new things. Justin loves riding dirt bikes, sports, and painting with water colors. He has a witty sense of humor and is very smart. Justin wants to be accepted and loved by those around him.

Justin is currently attending public junior high. He enjoys math, reading, and physical education classes. A family wishing to adopt Justin would have to possess patience, guidance, and excellent communication skills to help him understand his new family and their expectations of him. Justin would benefit from a family that openly shows affection for each other, and will accept his hesitance for sincere emotion. They must be willing to give him praise and encouragement.

Justin’s social worker says that it would be in his best interest to stay in Wisconsin due to ongoing contact with his half-brother and another important adult who has a supportive connection with Justin. The worker also recommends that Justin be placed in Justin2a single male household or in a two- parent household. He would do best with older siblings in the home or no siblings at all due to some jealousy issues toward younger children that Justin is currently working on. Justin has had a few struggles in the past, but with a stable, patient home who knows what he can achieve!

Birthday: September 2000

Photographer: Stacey Frances Photography




Lashone was born in January of 2007. He is a friendly, funny, athletic, intelligent, active and handsome young man who wants to be adopted. He is willing to help others and completes chores per conversations with his current foster mother. Lashone cares very much about his family, primarily his siblings. He would like to have some contact with them if possible. Lashone does have some struggles related to his past traumas. Primarily he struggles with controlling his behaviors and with his anger. He appears to have a lot of built up anger related to being separated from his siblings and towards his birth mother. However, despite these challenges Lashone will thrive in an environment where he has structure and love. Lashone requires a two parent home with a strong male figure who will not give up on him when he tests their commitment. With this type of home, Lashone with flourish and will have the positive future he deserves.

Lashone says:

Hi, my name is Lashone and I am 8 years old and I live in a foster home in Milwaukee.

In 10 years I want to be in college studying to become a lawyer. I’m working on getting there and right now I am struggling.

I love pizza, the color green, Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Power Rangers.

For fun I like to play basketball, skating, ride my scooter, swimming, football and 4Square. I’m known for my computer skills, for being smart and that I can fix anything.

My source of strength while in foster care is God. I love sports and my family.

Birthday: January 2007



Logan is a smart, friendly, talkative, and helpful boy with brown hair, and brown eyes. He has a sweet smile that can make anyone's heart melt. His favorite food is pizza, he likes the color black, and his favorite holiday is Halloween, because he likes dressing up and getting candy.

Logan loves to play sports such as basketball, baseball, and bowling. He also likes to skateboard, sing, listen to music, and play video and card games. He enjoys participating in outings in the community such as baseball and basketball games, or attending the zoo to see his favorite animal, the tiger. Logan enjoys playing with all kinds of toys and is a big fan of Spiderman. He wishes someday to be able to vacation in Disney World and has aspirations to become a singer.

In school, Logan's favorite subject is art because he is artistic and enjoys creating things. He is at grade level for the most part; however, Logan's behaviors sometimes get in the way of spending full days in the classroom being attentive to the topics being taught. He often has a fight or flight response.


When upset, he may try to run away or self-harm. With the help of caregivers, service providers, and other professionals, Logan continues to work on positive coping skills when things don't go his way, and establishing healthy ways to express his aggression on a daily basis.

He has three siblings (one sister and two brothers) who have been adopted or currently reside in pre-adoptive homes. While Logan is available to be matched with families outside of Wisconsin, it will be important for him to be able to stay in contact with his siblings, especially his younger brother.

Logan responds best to and would fare well in a family where there is consistency, structure, and predictability when it comes to his environment. He is open to families with other children in the home and preferably a cat, if there is a family pet in the home. Additionally, he desires a family who will appreciate him for "how awesome he is."

Birthday, December 2001

Photographer: DV Photography (2015)




Nicholas is a helpful and polite boy with endearing brown eyes. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza. Nicholas likes to draw and play games that include Monopoly, Clue, Yahtzee, Chess, and Checkers. One of his all-time favorite movies is The Page Master, which is about a boy who likes adventure and uses his imagination, much like Nicholas himself.

Nicholas currently functions at a six-year-old level. He enjoys school, where he follows an IEP and has a strong desire to do well. He describes gym to be his favorite class because he likes playing sports, especially basketball. Nicholas enjoys singing, playing with toys, reading books, and putting together puzzles. Despite his favorite animal being a polar bear, Nicholas hopes one day to be able to experience working on a ranch, where he would get to feed and take care of horses. He also hopes to one day be able to go to Disney World in Florida so he can hold hands with Mickey and see all the people.


Nicholas would benefit most from nurturing and patient parents who will be able to devote time and attention to him. Furthermore, he needs parents who will be understanding of his challenges, have realistic expectations of him, and be willing to participate in a transition plan that would include successful pre-placement visits. While he has been diligently working on turning his behavior around, Nicholas will require continued support around challenges that include: isolating himself from peers, struggling when he is unable to understand something, boundary awareness, and accepting "no."

Nicholas would like a family that he can spend his favorite holiday, Christmas, with. He would like a family who also shares some of his interests, which include: spending time outdoors, going to the lake and swimming (in the shallow end), playing in the sand, listening to country music, some Springsteen, and one of his current favorite hits, "One More Night." He is open to being part of a home with other children he could get to know better, as well as a home with pets that could include either a dog or cat. In his own words, "I am looking for love from a Mom and a Dad. I want someone to care for me. I would like to be adopted because I want to stay there and not move again."

Birthday: September 1999

Photographer: Riverstone Photography 2015


Nicholas3   Nicholas4



Tonetta was born in September of 1998. Tonetta is intelligent, articulate, determined, resilient, caring and a very funny young lady. Tonetta enjoys shopping, talking, photography, cooking, styling hair for others, dancing and singing. Tonetta aspires to attend college to become a Pediatrician when she growsup. She has been in the foster care system since 2003 and has had some struggles along the way as a result of her past traumas. These struggles are primarily related to her impulse control and anger. She desperately craves a forever family that will not give up on her, takes good care of her and a family who believes in her fullest potential. She will benefit from a forever family that is patient, kind and loving.

Tonetta says:

Hi, my name is Tonetta and I live in Milwaukee. My goals are to finish school, college and to go to medschool to become a pediatrician. I’m known for my fashion style, being fun and funny, annoying and a smart mouth.

My favorite foods are anything that does not contain bacon, corn dogs or cantaloupe. I like the rainbow color, basketball, football, soccer and tennis. My favorite books are all romance and murder mystery books.

For fun I like to shop until I drop, swim, dance, sing do my nails and hair. If I could describe myself in one word would be fashionable.

I love any and everyone.

Birthday: September 1998



Brittney is known for lighting up the room with her vibrant, bubbly personality. She has likability about her and she is very social. Brittney prefers to be active and keeps busy with hands-on activities such as crafts, coloring, and cooking up new recipes. She enjoys being outside, riding her bike, and swimming. Brittany is also into music and fashion and likes to hang out with her friends. Brittney has a soft spot for animals, particularly horses. Brittney possesses great organizational skills and is a self-reliant young person.

Brittney does best when caregivers provide patience, consistency, repetition, and clear expectations. She can have a difficult time regulating and expressing her emotions in healthy ways. Therapy sessions have helped her learn to make positive choices during emotionally charged situations. Brittney struggles with a cognitive delay and her team at school works to identify and implement ways that help her learn to the best of her ability.

Brittney has an older sister and it is important for her to continue her sibling relationship. The girls like to talk on the phone regularly and spend time together. It would be ideal for Brittney to be the youngest child of her adoptive household. She would do well with the support, guidance, and love of a stable and committed family. Brittney has a lot of spark to share with her forever family.

DOB: 10/2001



Chris is a bright and lively 11-year-old who likes to be helpful. He’s even content participating in household chores and will often seek ways to pitch in. Chris is a charmer – he can be quite well-spoken, polite, and respectful. Others describe Chris as a fun guy to be around with a good sense of humor.

Chris is intelligent and inquisitive by nature. He is performing at grade level in school and is proud of achieving all A’s and B’s on his latest report card. Chris enjoys most subjects, particularly math. He likes to be active. He struggles with intensity and competitiveness in team sports, but has a great time in track and field at school. Chris also likes playing basketball, football, and baseball casually with one or two other people. A variety of movement and purposeful activities are great outlets for his abundant energy. Chris likes to ride his bike, spend time with his sister, play games on his iPod, play with friends, play outdoors, and do art projects, such as drawing and weaving. Chris doesn’t like being bored with nothing to do. He also isn’t a fan of soup (especially Ramen noodles).

Chris has an IEP in school for emotional and behavioral supports. He has a hard time with his peers as he tends to misread social cues, resulting in rejection by other children. Chris very much wants to fit in and be accepted.

Chris understands what behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate, as well as the links between behaviors, feelings, and consequences. He continues to make improvements with regard to managing his behavior when he is triggered. He needs the support of an adult whom he can trust, to further his progress in this. Chris participates in therapy regularly. He has yet to process many significant losses in his life, as well as his history of trauma and rejection.

It is preferred that Chris be adopted by a family in Wisconsin in order to maintain his close relationship with his sister, while coordinating with her foster parents. Chris responds better with an adult male figure around, so a single father household or a couple including a male would be ideal for him.

Chris needs a loving, patient, and dedicated family who can support him through their understanding of the effects of trauma and loss on such a young mind. Chris has had families tell him that they would be his families forever and then ultimately decide that they could not meet his needs. Because of this, he may be slow to trust and may act out in order to test a family’s commitment as he attempts to prove his belief that no one will unconditionally stand by him. With solid parenting and a true forever family, Chris has the potential to really shine.

DOB: 11/2003



Damareis (DJ) is an energetic and helpful boy with brown eyes and a big smile. He is quiet and watchful, and aims to please others. DJ likes watching cartoons, going to church and the library, coloring, doing art activities, singing, listening to music, and attending the Boys and Girls Club. He also enjoys his karate classes and swimming lessons. DJ likes to ride his bicycle and scooter outside and he has an interest in cooking. His favorite foods are pizza, salad, chicken, vegetables, and fruit. DJ has an appreciative nature and likes to help with chores.

DJ is in the seventh grade and has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place to help him manage behaviors that may be impeding his ability to excel academically. Although he is open to expressing and accepting affection with adults, DJ needs continued guidance in interacting with his peers in order to avoid being bullied.

DJ is motivated by verbal praise and recognition for his achievements. He does well with time-outs, loss of privileges, or an extra writing assignment as consequences of unwanted behavior. DJ currently receives therapy to help him work through his past trauma, and it has led to many positive outcomes for him over time.

DJ is very close with his younger brother; the boys must remain in contact. His brother’s adoptive family is supportive of ongoing and frequent contact. DJ is looking for a family in Wisconsin, who will advocate for his needs, be firm and fair with consequences, yet affectionate, and who is willing to work closely with his school. He would like a family who can continue to encourage and facilitate his favorite activities. DJ has a lot of love to share with his forever family and needs compassionate adults who are committed to him through thick and thin.

DOB: 7/2003



Iasia possesses a gift to make people laugh with her ever-present comedy. With creative flair, her love for decorating has blossomed. Iasia dreams of becoming an interior designer. But that’s not where this girl’s talents end. Hairstyling, dancing, singing, and fashion design are some other ways she likes to express herself. She is known for being a very caring, sweet person and, with her willingness to try new things or just go with the flow, Iasia’s personality shines through no matter what.

Iasia is typically a happy and outgoing young lady; however, during some rough moments, she has been known to struggle with expressing her emotions. Iasia has really grasped the tools offered to her and works very hard to cope and express herself in positive ways. In school, reading skills have been a challenge for her, but Iasia has made some improvement already with extra learning supports. The majority of the time, Iasia is a happy, smiling, hopeful young girl. She’s always willing to lend a hand and is the first to help cheer up others who are feeling down.

A forever family would be a dream come true for Iasia, who has been longing for stability and love. Iasia’s forever family will need to be patient and supportive of her continuing to learn to manage her emotions and heal from past traumas. Iasia would love to get to work on decorating her new room and getting to know her family. She does have siblings and keeps in contact with them, so a family who resides in Wisconsin and is able to support and continue that family connection is preferred. A family outside of Wisconsin might be considered, if the family can show that contact between Iasia and her siblings can be consistently supported.

Iasia’s sister Trinity is also waiting for an adoptive family. A family interested in adopting both sisters is ideal.

Iasia’s personality lights up the hearts of those around her. She hopes to settle in with her forever family very soon.

DOB: 5/2004



Ryan is a likable, funny, and hard-working boy. One of Ryan’s current aspirations is to obtain a part-time job, which he has been diligently practicing for with mock applications and interviews. His long-term career goal is to become a police officer or state trooper. Ryan also has a creative side. He enjoys pencil drawing and storytelling. Ryan likes to volunteer in ways that benefit others who are less fortunate, as well. For the most part, Ryan likes to be a homebody and enjoys relaxing at home. He likes to listen to music and has an interest in two-way radios, with hopes of building his own someday. Ryan also likes to read and enjoys learning about science. He is a big fan of the movie Ghostbusters. Ryan likes pets and animals, and going for walks outside. He recently took second place in a running competition. Ryan enjoys home-cooked meals, and is a proud supporter of both spinach and Brussels sprouts, though he doesn’t have a taste for broccoli.

Ryan struggles with some mental health challenges, but has made great progress in developing his coping tools to lessen behavioral episodes. Ryan takes an active role in identifying where he struggles, and practicing his coping skills. Over time, he has increasingly been able to express himself and ask for help when he is having a hard time, instead of acting out physically or verbally. Ryan does best, as he works through his emotions, when he has caregivers who provide positive, loving reinforcement. To cool down, it helps him to go for walks or listen to music.

Ryan does well in school and achieves good grades. He receives special education services and it is important for his caregivers to have proactive communication with school personnel about homework and behavior. Ryan gets along with his classmates.

Ryan’s forever family will need to be able to give him the attention, patience, and love that he needs. He would do well with siblings. A two-parent household or single male parent household would suit him best. Ryan is close with his birth parents and hopes to have continued contact with them, as well as his aunt. Staying in Wisconsin would help to facilitate those relationships.

DOB: 2/2000