Everyone wants a safe, loving place to call home, and children in foster care deserve this as much as anyone. Finding those homes is the beginning of a bright future for these children, their adoptive families and the community at large.

Special Needs Adoption

Children who have experienced the trauma of child abuse or neglect, or who have been separated from their biological families have special needs. Our Special Needs Adoption Program helps to connect these children to families who have the desire to provide the love and stability these children so desperately require.

Heart Gallery of Wisconsin

The Heart Gallery raises awareness about the need for adoption by featuring the stories and photos of children waiting for a forever family. The gallery provides a glimpse into the lives of these children and encourages potential adoptive families to inquire about the adoption process.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

We partner with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to find loving, permanent homes for children. The foundation has supported our efforts to implement proactive, child-focused recruitment programs targeted on moving America’s longest-waiting children from foster care into adoptive families.