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Milk allergy
May 23, 2016
Dr. Renee Szafir answers a question about what to give a baby suffering from a milk allergy.
Can you offer any advice to help our two-year-old with bedtime?
May 11, 2016
Dr. Matt Nersesian offers advice to a parent who has trouble getting her two-year-old to bed.
Is it okay to give my six-week-old rice cereal?
May 04, 2016

Dr. Emilee Yamdagni answers a question about when to feed rice cereal to babies.

What should I avoid if my son has a tree nut allergy?
April 29, 2016
Dr. Denise Dunlap answers a parent's question about what to avoid if her son has a tree nut allergy.
How serious is the risk if my child is allergic to dogs?
April 27, 2016
Dr. Lisa Joerres answers a parent's question about the risk of her child's dog allergy.
Should I be concerned about my son's nosebleeds?
April 26, 2016
Dr. Matt Nersesian answers a parent's question about her son's nosebleeds.
Should I take my two-week-old to the doctor or the ER for a cold?
April 21, 2016
Dr. Emilee Yamdagni answers a parent's question about whether cold symptoms in a two-week-old merit going to the doctor or the ER.
When it is okay to start my baby on solid food?
April 14, 2016
Dr. Renee Szafir answers a parent's question about when to start her baby on solid food.
April 13, 2016
Dr. Alecia Huettl answers a question about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
April 11, 2016
Dr. Michael O'Reilly answers a parent's question about reflux.