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Symptom spikes after concussion not believed to be a recovery setback

August 01, 2016

MILWAUKEE - A new study published today by a Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin doctor in JAMA Pediatrics found that families should not be worried if a child’s concussion symptoms return once resuming day-to-day activities.

Donald Driver visits Brooklyn Elementary in Oregon, Wisconsin

May 11, 2016

Green Bay Packers’ all-time leading receiver, “Dancing with the Stars” champion and four-time children’s book author Donald Driver made a personal visit to the students at Brooklyn Elementary in Oregon, Wisconsin, Thursday, May 12, to congratulate them for winning the 2016 Driven to Better Health school challenge.

Children's to teach ER techniques to doctors from seven states, 52 health systems

March 09, 2016

On Friday, March 11, trauma doctors from across the state and region will learn best practices on how to treat kids in the emergency room from the experts at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. It will be the first time the hospital has offered such a training.

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