Additional treatment resources

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin offers a truly unique approach to asthma with additional resources.

Pulmonary function testing

The Pulmonary Function Lab does many types of lung function tests.


A chest x-ray is typically performed to have a picture of your child’s lungs.

Lab work

Your provider may suggest blood work to manage your child’s asthma more effectively.

Medical management

The focus of our treatment plans is to manage your child’s asthma to help improve the quality of life for you and your family. In many cases we may also prescribe medicine to control you or your child’s symptoms. In addition, our specialists work with you and your family to develop a written plan for managing asthma.


Helping you and your family understand asthma is one of our key goals. Our specialists work with you to identify and understand what symptoms you or your child experiences and how to avoid triggers. Together, we will determine an optimal treatment plan.

Coordinated care

Our specialists work with you and your child’s primary care provider to coordinate care, manage any complex needs, and ensure the best long-term treatments results.

Asthma Plus

Children with severe, difficult-to-control asthma receive specialized care through the Asthma Plus program. Providers from many different specialties will help patients focus on education, identify short- and long-term health goals, develop an asthma action plan, understand when to contact a provider, and learn the importance of nutrition, exercise, an annual flu vaccine and regular follow-up visits with a medical professional.